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NSW Infringement Help

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by m505, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,....this is my first post...could someone please give me their opinion on this speeding ticket matter i have?

    I have a NSW learners rider license.....and a full unrestricted drivers license

    I got a ticket on my bike for going 16 over.....which is 3 points......

    I actually hadn't noticed the speed limit had changed from 80 to 60 because of roadworks .... but i did get caught fair and square....

    anyhow......i was reading the RTA website....which says that a learner's licnse may be withdrawn and cancelled if they incur ANY driving infringements.....

    from what i know,.....once u lose one license,....u lose both!.....will I lose my drivers license as well?.......coz if so...thats really bad....considering it was a minor speeding offence (albeit innocent)......and my first ever ticket for antyhing.......

    i read this from an earlier post which leads me to believe that I may well lose both if im unlucky.......

    "I was also booked on the Australia Day long weekend (doing 72 in a 60 zone, slowing down from a 100 zone) while driving my car (P1 licence) in NSW. I paid the fine, and then got a letter in the mail today saying that my licence will be suspended for 3 months.

    I have an unrestricted motorcycle licence and up until this offence (in the car) i have never had any demerit points and the 6 points i did get shouldnt be enough to suspend it anyway, so will i be allowed to continue riding in this period?

    The letter i got does not mention any suspention to my bike licence, it only says P1 Provisional Class C. Ive tried searching all over the RTA site but couldnt find an answer.


    thanks in advance
  2. Penalty points go towards the licence. Unless you have a separate motorcyle licence and car licence (too long since I obtained either :grin:) the points come off that licence. (Mine's a gold car licence, with motorcycle and truck endorsement, is what I mean). This is as I undersand it; I have one set of points incurred in a car offence and one set from the bike, but the total of points are off my licence.
  3. so does that mean i should be ok?

    i have no demerit points on my full driver's license...never lost anything before....

    so does that mean i can accrue up to 12 before i lose it?
  4. So which is it?
  5. oh no no,

    the 'unrestricted license' part....was a quote that i got off someone's previous post......(see above)

    i have an unrestricted car license

    but a learner's bike license......
  6. ahhh okie dokie

    All I know is that here nsw they bloody stick to the book in regard to speed limit for L's. ( well in this part of nsw anyway) But I'm in with hornet & how I understand it.

    All I can sugest is you ring the RTA a couple of times & Im pretty sure you will get two different answers, hell you prob would get a 3rd version from the cops.

    I swear @ times it all comes down to the pencil pusher @ the time & what mood there in.
  7. go to the rta website and chech how many points you have does that work ?
  8. i just cut and pasted this off the 'my records' part of the RTA website where u can check ur demerit points

    You currently hold the following licence class(es):

    Class C Unrestricted
    Class R Learner

    You have a total of 0 demerit point(s) on your licence.

    Both licence classes will be suspended if your total demerit points reach or exceed 12.

    For general information about demerit points please visit the RTA website.

    From reading that, I think i should be ok....