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[NSW] I *think* I got done - Speed Camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jc212, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. I was riding down king georges rd yesterday on the way to uni when I noticed that every car was slowing down to a crawl and before I knew it I passed one of those devil-speed cameras. Now I wasn't so sure about the time but it was probably a school zone because of everyones else's speed.

    Is there anything I can do to avoid points being deducted if I get the fine? I don't wanna lose my license!! Can I write a letter to the RTA saying my dad was riding? But will they notice that I was riding? I did have an L plate on by the way!
  2. Considering everyone else had slowed down and you decided to continue speeding then I suggest you just hand in your license and consider this a lesson learned.
    Failing that ask to see the photo if you do get a fine, chances are you may not have been caught if traffic was heavy and other vehicles are in your picture.
    Best to wait and see.
  3. If your dad or someone is willing to take the rap for you, you can get them to sign a stat dec and have the fine reissued to them. Yes.

    Ya gotta be more observant though, dude!

    Hope you don't get a fine, but if you do it's usually more hassle than it's worth to fight it.
  4. Same one I went through, easily at 60kmh (on a bike I'd just picked up) at what I thought was 4.05pm (according to the watch on the handlebars) but when I got home and checked it was ten minutes fast :oops:

    Think you might be lucky, pretty sure it was a front on camera.
  5. Hate f-ing school zones, I always slow down for these.

    When they are active there is never any little asswits about (as they love running across roads with backpacks that are marked 80 kph). But like an hour before they skip school like rats off a ship.

    I even slow down half an hour before and after the times listed as I know some idiot operators don't know how to compensate for daylighht savings!

    Annoying, but better to be safe than sorry!
  6. I would argue that, having checked the watch (that was accurate) to the best of your knowledge, and if there were no electronic flashing signs, you would be in the clear. I'd consider +- 10 minutes for those times, after all, not every car or bike has a watch and observent traffic
  7. Until they put lights on all those zones telling you if they're in effect, they're a road hazard.
  8. Hehe
  9. victoria has em, nsw doesn't. Now who is the backward state mr president dilemma.
  10. Now they are installind them all around in NSW too.

  11. ahh, the winds of change blow strongly when there's an election looming.
  12. Of the half dozen school zones within 5 kms of here only 1 has lights, and a couple of them the signs are half covered by trees.

    Pretty slack I reckon.