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[NSW] I might of hit a snag

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Well I'm currently re-sitting my learners this weekend on a geared bike, and plan to sit the provisional shortly thereafter...

    As alot of people know I've just bought a GSXR 600 which is most definately not a provisional or Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAM), but as I am over 30 in NSW I can go straight from Learners to Full Licence....or can I?

    As I said to the instructor today its pretty much academic what I'm doing at the moment and he agreed saying "yep once you have a gold licence and you're over 30 its not a problem"....ah did he say 'gold licence' :?

    Now I've had my full unrestricted drivers licence for 18 years, albeit a New Zealand licence, so I decided to have a closer look at the RTA website as I have been basing my assumption on age alone.

    Re mature riders it states that you must hold or be eligible for a gold licence AND be over 30.

    I have only lived in Australia for 3 1/2 years so its impossible for me to have a gold licence as you must have held a silver for 5 years, even though I have had my full licence for 18 years.

    I've written to them and hope that a work around based on my NZ licence can be achieved, but I know have frustrating Govt red tape can be so I'm a bit worried :?:

    I might have to 'legally' wait 12 months to ride my bike! (can't see that happening).

    Does anyone have any experience with this situation?
  2. I'd have a word to Black Betty on the forums... She came on a NZ licence and they passed her through somethings. Although she is in VIC...

    Or just ring them up and ask. :)
  3. I am in Victoria as well so don't know if this will apply to you. As long as you can prove you have held your overseas unrestricted license for 2 years or longer then about all you have to do is pass the eye test & happily ride off into the sunset. Or drive if that is what you are chasing.
  4. Lets hope! I have a full NSW drivers licence, its the full bike licence I need.
  5. Sorry to disapoint you Duncank,my bet is you will get your P provisional's and have to wait another twelve months before your eligible for your gold and unrestricted license. I am only saying this because it has happened to one of my riding friends.
    Good luck anyhow. 8)
  6. Had your friend held a full drivers licence for more than 5 years, in any other state or country?

    From what I have read Australia has a reciprocal arrangement with New Zealand so I'm hoping this is not the case?
  7. Yes. It did'nt stopping buying his R6 though,he has about 3 months to go shooossssh dont tell anyone
  8. well honestly, if I get hit by BS red tape, and lets face it thats all it is as I have had my full drivers licence for 18 years, I will probably just ride it and take my chances.

    The thing that really suxs though is I won't be able to get insurance...oh they will insure me and take my money, but they won't pay out on a claim.
  9. I moved from SA to NSW a little while back while serving my 250 restriction in SA(within 1 year of getting off L's). When I applied to change my licence over, they gave me a gold licence because I had a continuous licence record for the number of years required without disqualifications. The only thing that muddied the waters a bit was that I had held a licence in NSW 15 years ago for about 2 years before changing over to another state. Not sure if this was what got me the licence but they didn't tell me that was the reason. They just got the SA RTA to fax a record of my licence. Either way, I asked and I received. Bought a CBR600F4i the next day. Only restriction is that I can't carry a pillion until 1 year after I got off my L's.
  10. Just to save time and the red tape that will happen ,ring the NZ ..RTA and get them to fax or post a copy of you driving history .
    Like in NSW ,if you go for a truck driving job the company normaly asks for a RTA print out of your driving history, it shows if you have been booked for speeding ect.
    OLD speeding fines or running a red light won't stop you having a gold licence it's ,if you loose your licence fully ,then you won't get a gold licence in NSW, if you get my drift.
    As long as you can show them that your NZ licence hasn't been cancelled before ,then they MIGHT give you a goldy.
    Thats if they will carry over the NZ licence years to the OZ licence.

    Good luck hope it works out.
  11. I believe there is another restriction: just like L-platers you have to have Zero alcohol level in your blood if tested, rather than 0.05.
  12. Worse, if you have an accident that involved injury to someone else, you're up for a full civil lawsuit for damages as you'll not be covered by CTP insurance.

    Oh, and the damages claims won't be taken out against you by the person you injured. The traffic accident insurance mob will take care of whomever you injured, and then they'll come after you for the money. It'll be you vs the government. I know this is true. Happened to a friend of ours who injured people while drink driving. Five years later, when the traffic accident insurance crew decided that the injured people have been taken care of about as well as they could be, they came after her for $150K, and she HAS TO pay.
  13. Not in NSW, ACT or Qld and anywhere else that compulsory third-party injury insurance is provided by private companies.

    I take it that means she didn't use those five years to plan out how best to hide her assets and declare personal bankruptcy?
  14. Ok, so it'll be you vs a big company with tons of assets and funds for lawyers. Just as bad.

    Actually, she skipped the country and married someone overseas. Am not bull-shittin'. Problem is her marriage is now going bad and she's stuck. That's all beside the point. Ugly situation to be in, for sure.
  15. Happened to a friend's partner recently, with her coming from Canada.

    The NSW RTA will issue you with a gold license, UPON REQUEST and explaining why you want it, if you get an official driving history (from LTSA or consulate) showing you have held your NZ (in her case Canadaian) for over 5 years. Just having the date of issue on actual license is not enough, since it doesn't allow them to know if it was ever suspended. You have to ask for a gold one though, and give a valid reason why you want one (your reason was the same as hers), or they just issue a standard unrestricted drivers license and you have to wait 5 years for a gold one.
  16. Well I've already been issued a silver one as I had a Vic license and had to surrender that when I moved to Sydney...but the RTA have my NZ licence record now which was issued 18 years go, so its looking promising.
  17. Legal Tegal

    Well I've just spent the day out at the Stay Upright range sitting my 'Pre-Provisional' course...the heat was almost unbearable in riding gear and the instructor was a reall ballbreaker, but I passed :)

    So absolutely knackered at 4pm after 8 hours suited up in the heat I headed to the RTA for phase 2 of the operation...

    Would they give me an unrestrcited riding licence?

    See this thread for details on my dilema

    So I get to the RTA armed with my appropriate documentation, I had already organised my NZ drivers licence being filed there and requested the pull the document before we start....instant resistance!

    The guy said flatly "This tenure does not count towards your unrestrcited licence".....so I'm really fcuking tired and exhausted and just a few breaths from losing it with this guy but remained calm and polite ;)

    On his comment I politely said no sorry it does and produced a printed email sent to me via RTA Customer Service which stated

    He said I'm not sure that means anything....I said yes look its an officiial email sent from your customer care centre which clearly states I am entitled to a gold unrestricted rider licence....

    So of he goes to confer with a colleague two windows down....the end up having an argument which lasts about 10 minutes :roll: and all this time I'm thinking to myself "give me strength and the will power not to lose it with these people"

    So he comes back to my window and starts earnestly searching on his computer....I say "so how much is that" hoping its all sweet, and get "one minute I still need to find out if its allowed"

    Then his colleauge pipes up and says "yes here it is" then quotes the exact email I've already provided!

    So they have to do a manual override coz the system wouldnt allow it :roll: and they process the licence.

    They wouldn't give me a gold licence, BUT they gave me an unrestricted riders licence \:D/

    The photo makes me look like a total muppet :LOL: seriously its that bad and I will eventually get it redone, but right now all that matters is I'm fully licenced. WAHOOOO! I'm back on the road :grin:

  18. yeah definately on the cards Paul, I need to get some work organised, get some new tyres, a bit of practice...then I'll be hitting the road.

    Month or two I reckon.
  19. Well done and congratulations Duncank, especially in the heat.

    I've done an advanced riding course in 30+ and it nearly killed me, nothing like the temperatures we've got at the moment.