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[NSW] I lol'd

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. It's funny how it is almost always people that drive POS cars that do this sort of thing, yet it is the owners of all the nice, well looked after "enthusiast" cars that are always targeted and portrayed as being the problem.

    Gotta love the media's portrayal of society....
  2. Homo car-thieving police.
  3. Gawd, talk about the media manipulating the story.

    They weren't siezed on the grounds of street racing - the cars were taken out of mercy.

    The media "accidentally" omitted this:
  4. apparently the police surveilled the racers for over 11 minutes and finally stopped them after reaching 66kph in a 60 zone :p
  5. The coppers can get all of those shitboxes off the roads, for all I care.
  6. "Officers moved in but lost sight of one of the vehicles" :LOL:

    They'll have trouble living that down...
  7. Not their fault, the Hyundai could have stopped in front of a pile of garbage or scrap-metal and been instantly camouflaged.
  8. Wow. Line up at teh lights for a string of 16 second time bombs! :LOL:
    Stupid toy hatchbacks with fart can mufflers.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. The alleged third vehicle, seen being pushed by an adolescent female, proved to much for the officers the apprehend. lol

    Happy with the upgrade to his new 'two legged transport'.....The Excel's previous owner appears to have learned nothing, seen recklessly sliding out of control in his nikes....