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[NSW] HWP Interceptor

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azamakumar, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. I was on the way home from work around an hr ago, when I saw a bright (talking fluro here) ****ing orange SS with a decal that said "interceptor" on the side of it. On the front where the cars normally have their stations or whatever on the side, this one just had ANPR.

    Did I pass out and miss where nswpol had deployed ANPR? These things look fairly epic but I can't find a pic of one anywhere. Sort of wish I had the gopro out today...

  2. Possibly an RTA car. Possibly a trial. I think I remember a few news pieces talking about ANPR in nsw.
  3. The 'interceptor' car I think goes after the cars that don't have rego/licensed driver registered to them... They're usually a way up the road from the ANPR that's why you didn't see it nearby.. They do this with unmarked cars at some radar traps/RBT's as well
  4. [​IMG]

    hmm infrared ANPR cameras, photo taken in 07. The car I saw today had 2 or 3 of these on each side.

    EDIT: it was def a cop behind the wheel lilley

    EDIT2: The ANPR cameras were on the SS, toadcat. Currently flicking through this album of nsw hwp cars and it looks like they're pretty commonplace on hwp cars.
  5. [​IMG]

    another one picking off unreg cars at westfield penriff. ANPR scanners on the top there, one on the right (warm red) switched on
  6. Ah okay I'm not sure what I saw then.. It wasn't attached to a car, rather it was on a tripod next to a marked car with another unmarked car about 1 km up the road.
  7. That's some, uh, interesting parking there. :)
  8. Yeh I have seen that tripod setup before, Can recognizes number plates and goes crazy if its un regoed caror driver has outstanding and stuff like that.

    Generally before a big RBT station
  9. Might've been a false alarm :(


    It was like that except it said "interceptor", orange decals covered more of the front and it had the ANPR thingies on the side.

    Or I need to get off the crack.
  10. There is a highway car getting about, that is painted up as such,
    that it would put the partridge family bus to shame....
  11. Cowboys are getting more toys to play with, if all the traffic cops I've experienced weren't dicks I would consider joining just for the cool cars and gadgets
  12. Haven't you noticed? The police in NSW are a completely different class of people to everyone else. They can just ask the premier to ban people from Kings Cross based on their clothes and they're the only ones allowed to seek independent assessment of their wage increases.
  13. [​IMG]

    Worst hiding spot EVER!!!
  14. Not really.

    If it's to catch unregistered/licenced drivers once they come down the ramp they're trapped in the car park.

    Hate to think of the under car damage done if the kerb was a little higher though.
  15. Dont worry about damages, your paying for it anyway :(.

    Ban police in the Cross if they continue to wear their colours :)
  16. Yeah I am pretty sure the number plate readers have been deployed to almost all highway cars now - happened like 6 months ago ??. They can pretty much read on the go as they are patrolling I think.
  17. To quote myself:
    "(The problem is that) the only difference between the police and an armed gang is that armed gangs usually don't hassle innocent people."