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[NSW] HWP arrest rider who evaded 2000 speeding fines/tolls.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. in 12 months! link here

    the rider ( who owned a harley ) avoided 2000 potential fines in 12 months by covering his licence plate each time he rode by a camera. a HWP officer saw the rider and recognised the clothes and face of the man ( doh! those open face helmets ) and wrote down his licence plate. they later arrested him, fined him $7500 and he lost 200 points!

    the 2000 claimed fines avoided is a bit rich. over 12 months thats 5.5 a day! i call b*llsh*t for this number of fines. lol. maybe theres a group of harley riders who've been doing this and this guy got caught for all of them! but wearing an open face helmet and the same clothes? :LOL:

    geesus! i hate to say it but ROFL!
  2. Re: [NSW] HWP arrest rider who evaded 2000 speeding fines/to

    pays to have a couple of different helmets and jackets then... :wink:
  3. Holy sh!t, how is this man alive still if he's been speeding this much???? He should be dead at least 2000 times now :wink:
  4. He would only have to ride from Nowra to Kiama and back each day for work. That's a potential 8 fines per day on a 70km round trip.
  5. "Dont Fool Yourself - Speed kills"

    one of the Victorian TAC sayings....

    to that I say BULLSHIT Mr Brumby.
  6. Unless they pulled him over after a breach, how can they definitively say it was him?

    None of my gear is custom, one of kind stuff
  7. 62 charges $7500 in fines this cop has got his weeks quota done :LOL:
  8. If he isn't already, no doubt this will elevate him to Senior C*ntstable !!!
  9. "a HWP officer saw the rider and recognised the clothes and face of the man ( doh! those open face helmets ) and wrote down his licence plate."

    Recognised a Harley owner with a beard, OF lid, tattoos and wraparound shades.

    Not just your average cop then. :LOL:
  10. Maybe for all his savvy number-plate covering, they managed to convince him he was done so he confessed.

    A good lawyer could probably get him aquitted otherwise.

    Deny, deny, deny.
  11. The only way he could have been so easily convicted is if he confessed.

    The only thing they could have got him on was the witnessed offence.

    As bonk notes: there's a lesson here.
  12. i am surprised though that someone would keep doing this and think they could not get caught.

    it's like that guy who get speeding through our sydney harbour tunnel at high speeds ( i think in the 200 km/h + range ). he got busted eventually. it is noted he was not riding a harley as they could not attain anywhere near this speed.

    what does this say about the mentality/general intelligence of this harley rider? :LOL:

    ps, apologies to all harley riders. your bikes do sound lovely.
  13. This guy must be a real contortionist - to reach around and cover his number plate - with his hand?

    How in the holy crap do you do that? Without slowing down?
  14. From the article linked.
  15. i wondered this too JDK. maybe some circus freak ?

    or maybe the rider could look up one of his many offenses and kindly post it here for us?

    ( even more amazing is the HWP here have green, orange and red cars. they aint exactly subtle so how did he miss it before doing his contortionist trick? )
  16. It is probably one of those American style side mounted number plates that I have seen on some Harleys.
  17.  Top
  18. And illegal in Victoria.
  19. Now let's not get bogged down with "what's illegal and what's not..."

  20. I'd suggest he sees a good lawyer.
    I reckon he could be got off a fair few of the charges.

    For example, they would have to prove it was him in all the pics.