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[NSW] Hunter Valley Poker Run, Sat Oct 7th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: rourkster

    I am not the organiser of this run but have taken the liberty of posting it here if anyone is interested.
    Starts from the Queens Arms Hotel in High St Maitland with registration from 11am and the ride leaves at 12 midday. Cost is $5 per card or $20 pe...

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  2. I have never done one of these but if I have a few friends that are interested I could be tempted and despite what you say Simon I would hate to roll up being the only jap bike there and have to drop it back a gear and take off before I am bashed!!
  3. I'll be there on my Jap bike, but mine may just blend in with some of the others. If anyone looks like bashing you, I'll just...

    pretend I don't know you.

    Seriously - I think it's more about raising money than who rides what.
  4. I've always wanted to do one of these so i think i might join in. So i'll be a P Plater AND on a Jap sports bike. If they wanna bash me for that reason alone then they better be prepared for someone who won't take that lying down or just slink away. Also my uncle is an HA so i'd just get revenge on them anyway, lol.

    In all serious though i think you will be totally fine. It's a charity event and people are there for the 'good biker' image to be put out and to give something back. Even harley riders know how to play nice :LOL:
  5. This is next saturday, I am pretty sure I would go if I had friends does it include a ride of some sort Simon? how does the poker thing work ... always thought it would be a coolk thing to do but new things scare me
  6. Basically Brad, you turn up, register and hand over the dough and they give you a list of checkpoints to ride to. At each of those checkpoints you get a playing card and upon return to the registration point they check to see who has the best poker hand and give out prizes accordingly.
  7. Sorry boys wont be able to make this one. Have other plans. If they fall through then Im in for sure.
    Does sound like fun and a bit different.

    I dont have to be anywhere til about 2 so I may be able to make it a long to see ya off and check it out at least.
  8. hey guys it doesnt matter what sort of bike you ride its all about raising money and having fun.i have done a few poker runs and i started on a 250 yamaha before i brought my harley ( no one cares what you ride ) show respect and you with get respect. enjoy the run guy
  9. :| didn't check the dates?