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[NSW] HRCA ride to Picton, Sun May 31st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ed

    The second Western Motorcycles ride is a combined ride and Go Karting session at Picton.

    Riders should meet at Western Motorcycles (283 Mulgoa Road Penrith) at 8:00 am for an 8:30 am departure. We will head via Wallacia, Greendale, Orangeville, Oakd...

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  2. Just a heads up, I'm pretty sure the road between Mt.Kembla and Mt.Keira is still closed after a landslide about 2 bloody years ago. Lazy council/RTA wont fix it.

    Just double check with hornet on this, he will be able to confirm.
  3. last time i checked, it was officially closed, but the gate at the north end just after the bmx track was half open. the road was very dirty, leaves sticks everywhere. didnt go far down so dont know if the other end was open or locked
  4. let us know how u go with ya exam today sir, let us know u passed with flying colours
  5. Yes, it is still closed a kilometre or so after the motocross track, probably indefinitely.

    I googled it out of curiosity a few months ago, and it seems that the reason for the closure is because of continued threat of rockfalls, rather than one single event. Same reason they built the seabridge.
  6. passed no points.
  7. fun

    Im in again, do we get to take the bikes out on the track?? lol...

    Hopefully i can get the missus along this time.
  8. ^^
    Do you have a pocketbike?? :LOL:

    Hey mate youd need to prepay your GoKart spot to Glen if you wanna compete on the day as Western M/Cycles will give prize for whoever ends up on the podium. But if youre only spectating then just rock up in the morning - shouldbe an interesting day!


  9. If you are contemplating coming on the ride and having a karting session, you need to make a booking with Western Motorcycles. Glenn says that bookings have been good but there are a few spots available.

    Credit card payments by phone are acceptable.

    For further information and to book your spot contact Glenn @ Western Motorcycles on 4733 1733. Bookings are essential.
  10. I'll look out for ya at hOOters/BP Rosehill Ed. Just make some noise when you pass by then i'll catch up. I'll be there 0730.
    There are few more riders to meet at Caltex-Maccas on M4 too.

    Weather should be nice :dance:
  11. Is there still room on this ride for a newbie ?
  12. ^^
    totally! Theyd love to meet new faces on their ride. :grin:

    You could meet few of us at hooters next to BP servo on James Ruse Drv Rosehill, or Caltex/Macas servo on M4 (signposted on freeway if youre heading west), or head direct to Western Motorcycle in Penrith.
  13. I'm back

    I'm coming

    Bought a bike on Sunday
    its great to riding again this week
    gettin it serviced Friday
    Looking forward to this ride............on Sunday
  14. message fr the organiser earlier today: