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[NSW] HRCA Ride to Oberon Sun 18th May, Sun May 18th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Colin

    Oberon – Sunday 18th May 2008

    Meet At Mc Donalds, Caltex Service Complex, M4 Motorway, Eastern Creek

    Meeting Time: 8.30am / Departing Time: 9.00am

    Route: M4 to Old Bowenfels, Tarana and Oberon for lunch. After lunch we will head back to Sydn...

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  2. Brrrrrr, Expect COLD!!!
    We had snow on the ground here today!!
    The MAX for the last 24Hr was 3.8deg
  3. yeeHaa!!!
  4. Owesome..... :grin:
  5. Will see everyone there :biker:
  6. If I need snow chains for my tyres count me out!!

    I have yet to do the course Ice Riding 101 :LOL:
  7. A tentative yes for me at this stage
  8. Hmmm, we will see the weather :cool:

    PS: buy some heated seat for bike. Men knows why

    For some reason I cannot see this event in the calendar events...
  9. ride

    hmm Oberon with HRCA or Bunnings DIY course on sunday????

    Oberon of course :))))) :wink:
  10. might bump into you guys in oberon, coming down from mudgee on the way home from moree
  11. Going for Lunch are you qbnspeedfreak?
    Spewing I can not make that or this ride now.. :(
  12. yeah going for lunch, overnighting it on the way back so we can get some fun in

    where in oberon is everyone going?
  13. I'm tempted to attend!

    I need to phone the ride organiser to find out what time it all finishes though - have to be back at Eastern Creek by 5:30pm to help defend my car club's gokarting trophy! :LOL:
  14. They usually get back around 4pm, but if you head home straight after lunch then you'll be back sooner. Some of us will be taking Bells Line.
    Its usually a large crowd and easily identified along Oberon's main street

    Ring the ride coordinator here:
    http://www.sydneycitymotorcycles.com.au/Events/Ride Day Poster - 18th May 2008.pdf

  15. Thanks, R-K-O.

    I shall most probably attend, then!
  16. so is there a "9AM" pre-ride meet???
  17. Sorry guys, can't make this one....moving house.

    Have a safe ride though & catch you on the next one.

  18. ssshh Slicko!
    dont confuse us with your 9AM stuffs :-w

    I'll be fuelling up at H:shock: :shock: TERS/BP servo James Ruse Drive in Rosehill - 8AM. We'll meet up with others too
    ** Weather permitting
  19. Rudi always so loyal to HRCA hehe, anyway have fun guys

  20. RKO, you just want to go HOOTERS - admit it. Fuel was just an excuse right? :grin: