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[NSW] HRCA Ride to Moss Vale, Sun Mar 15th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ed

    Date: Sunday 15th March 2009.

    Meet At McDonalds, Intersection Princes Highway and Heathcote Road, Heathcote.

    Meeting Time: 8.30am
    Departure Time: 9.00am

    Route: Old Princes Highway to Albion Park, then Robertson and then Moss Vale for lunch. A...

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  2. is this a HRCA ride?
  3. Yeah this is the next HRCA Ride, look forward to joining it :).
  4. Should put HRCA on the topic
  5. HRCA Ride to Moss Vale - Sunday 15th march 2009

    I have requested an edit.
  6. Why?, does it make a difference? It's in the body of the calendar entry.
  7. when i checked, wasnt there
    but to answer your question
    1st, wasnt there, is now
    2nd, because they are well organised and popular rides
    good to know from the topics if its a 1 off, few people ride or a well organised 1

    cmon mr mod, no need to be like that, its not that hard of a job to do :grin:
  8. thats my home run fellas, whats the expected time to get back??
    i got work at like 5-6
    i love this run and is this run learner friendly? i know we will be taking coners at speed at the RNP, but the HWY speeds is what im worried about, was readign the descriptiona dn it was saying that its learner and P plater friendly, so we will be chugging at 80 on the hwy?
  9. Sunite

    HRCA has Marshall's and tail end charlies to look after you. So you will not be left behind. Do come for the experience.

  10. would love to be there but yet another trip to melbourne for me that weekend.. have a good time ed and everyone else.. and ed can you give christine and her mum some greif over not dropping in for a drink after the entrance :wink:
  11. I did yesterday when I took another pic of Gayle. She hates me doing that.
  12. hey mate, dont think its touching the royal which is a bit of a shame. looks like straight down the old highway which has its own twistie bit but mainly straight (with one or two unoffical dragstrips :shock: ). It joins the F6 at the top of bulli pass.
  13. sorry didnt read the description properly, i assumed that all rides down south way (towards the gong) would go through the RNP, i think ill give it a miss then, sounds boring sitting on 80 all the way to albion park, thats a good 1-1 1/2 hours worth of hwy riding for us learners, sigh ..... :(
    see what the boys want to do the weekend from the learner sessions and work from there......
  14. Hi, I am in Goulburn and I was wondering if I could possibly meet up with you guys at Robertson. Do you have an idea of what time you will get there? I hope it is ok if i tag along, I am on my Ls and this would be my first group ride.
  15. I cant see why not.
    The group departs around 9am fr Heathcote, then they usually have a 15mins fuel stop around Albion Park before tackling Mac Pass. Its about 90kms fr Heathcote, so prob around 1hr40mins fr Heathcote? Its a large group of 50 bikes so if youre running late you'll see us between Robertson & Mossvale.

    Me/ Fasteddie could sms you when we actually leave Heathcote if you like.
    There will be a TEC marshall behind L-platers/ novice riders so you have nothing to worry about about riding on your comfort pace.
    See ya there!
  16. you should have followed them down to the beach. then you may have been sent to jail.
  17. Thanks!!!
    I am really looking forward to my first group ride, and meeting some Netriders. This is perfect because it is on my only weekend off in March :grin:
  18. Awesome!
    We will do that. I PM-ed u.
    What color/ model is your bike?
    Fasteddie has a bright & shiny burnt-orange Kawasaki cruiser with large front wheels, easy to spot! :p
    Mine is a candy blue Honda and i'll park next to him at Robbo Pie Shop.
  19. haha, again, its the OLD highway, not the F6. well only be on f6 for bout 40 min. should come man itl be good fun
  20. [​IMG]