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[NSW] HRCA ride to Jamberoo, Sun Jun 22nd

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Matrix

    Next HRCA Ride Day

    Jamberoo – Sunday 22nd June 2008

    Meet At Mc Donald’s, Intersection Princes Highway and Heathcote Road, Heathcote

    Meeting Time: 8.30am / Departing Time: 9.00am

    Route: Old Princess Highway to Kimia for a stop at the blo...

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  2. This route is possibly more fun than going out to oberon. I'm in.
  3. Bugger, no can do. Moving house on that weekend.
  4. Weather permits.. :grin:
  5. The weather will definatly be the mitigating factor ...........
  6. Yeee Matrix it was 11 - 13 C on Sunday.... brrrrr need more blankets :wink:

  7. haha I have kept my bike wrapped in blankets nice and warm in the garage lately This weather sux
  8. Sounds good, weather permitting I will be there but will probably leave after the pub lunch.

  9. Looks like a fun ride, hopefully the weather is decent
  10. Jamberoo ride

    To All:

    Weather forecast appears to look favourable at this stage for Sunday :grin: Low 9 / High 17 - light showers early, then clearing!
  11. Hope the weather will be fine :shock:
  12. High of 17! I'll have to take my winter lining out!....or just ride faster to keep cool :p
  13. Having looked at the route I have decided not to go on this ride. Too much highway riding which is damn frustrating when limited to 80kph. :(
  14. Learner?

    They have a marshel who sit at the back and never passes the last person.

    Yea the whole 80/90 speed limit is just stupid. Anything which allows trucks to overtake bikers is just a joke. On these rides L's and P's usually nudge the signposted limit with everyone else.

    I've even been on the princess highway with my L on, sitting in the left lane doing the signposted 110. Saw a highway patrol move up behind me. Thought "shit, they already know im doing more than 80, no point doing something dangerous like grabbing the brakes". They sat there for a few seconds then moved on.

    Maybe I got them on a good day.

    Its such a big group, I wouldnt worry about getting done for speeding if you stay with the group.
  15. Sounds like a good opportunity to come on my first group ride.
    Is anyone located near Seven Hills interested in meeting up for the ride down to Heathcote Maccas?
  16. or in short, stick behind Matrix, then you're no longer limited to 80kph :LOL:
  17. Hey should be up for it......also on Ls but hopefully on Ps by Sun........goin for Ps on fri :grin: But yeah ive been on highways doin signposted speed.....in my humble opinion its safer(as long as the rider feels confident at those speeds!) especially on a bike wen cagers seem to have trouble seeing us at the best of times! .......neways ill shutup now :p

    Im near seven hillsish(im rouse hill) so yeah might be easier to meet up. Just let us know where ya wanna meet n stuff.......PM me or somethin?
    Also my first group ride!
  18. I will be missing this one guys :( Shame cause the the piloting of the 600 has improved no end!!

    Sunday will see me piloting a Thrifty removal truck instead :)...yay moving house
  19. Hmm, I hear ya but I not only have my learner bike license at stake but also my full driving license. One risk too many on the bike that invites points means I lose both, can't afford for that to happen.

    So for now I am being the old fart riding around like a saint until I at least get my P's and have some points to play with.
  20. ok guys pre-ride meet :grin:

    i'll be @ BP Station Fairford rd. Padstow (just past Maccas)
    7:45am and will depart 8am
    cya all there!!