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[NSW] HRCA Ride to Denman, Sun Dec 7th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ed

    Date: Sunday 7th December 2008.

    Meet at McDonald’s, Windsor Road, McGraths Hill.

    Meeting Time: 8.30am
    Departure Time: 9.00am

    Route: We'll head out via the Putty Road to the turn off to Denman where we will have lunch. The route home will ei...

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  2. Lower North Shore Riders - Meeting @ Shell Lane Cove

    Now that I have re-scheduled my “P Licence Test†from 7/12 to 30/11 … I am FREE!

    I will be on this Ride … if anyone is riding from the Lower North Shore – I propose we meet at Shell Lane Cove (Epping Rd) at 7:30 for a 8am departure.

    John – M: 0416 721 242
  3. Yes I'm coming for sure and I hope for the best weather..., as this will be the last ride with HRCA year 08 and won't be seeing anyone again until next year Feb 09... Hope everyone can come and joint us... :grin:
  4. Re: Lower North Shore Riders - Meeting @ Shell Lane Cove

    hey john.. im in.. might pick up at the M2 or something.. ive pmd you about something im looking at buying.
    see you soon.
  5. Has been a long time, but I guess the Hyo needs a good run, have not riden much since I broke my ankle.
  6. hey john. prob easier if i just meet you guys at the shelvo space station. can get there in 20 mins on a sunday morning. you want to do a swing in on your way past to the M2. anyone else want to meet up for some delicious maccas coffee ill see you there.
  7. Should be able to make this one...
  8. I'll be in this one, so see you guys there :)
  9. Indeed I have not heard from you mate.. :grin:
  10. I will be coming on a few rides with the Hyo until I get my next ride KLR650. Will be good to see you all again.
  11. I think I'll join this one.

    I haven't been on a ride since the last Bathurst run 3 months ago.

    See you'se there.
  12. i may have a mate joining in although im now looking a bit sketchy for the ride myself.. hope to be ok
  13. I'm prolly up for this if you don't mind a 250 taggin along :p
  14. No Worries I will be at the back again to make sure everyone safe and arrive at destination.... :cool:
  15. the flu i have has now stepped up a gear so im looking at a very low chance of coming along. if i have a super recovery over the next few days im in for sure.
  16. right o. as i stand im out. than again if i wake up ok ill just got to the start point. have fun all.
  17. Hi All, I will heading directly to McGraths Hill tomorrow morning .... not stoping at Shell Lane Cove as previously proposed.


  18. Heyas,

    Ill be coming along tomorrow, hope weather goes good. Safe riding, cyas there.

  19. I'm still leaving from Shell Lane Cove at 8:00 if any riders wanted to tag along.