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[NSW] HRCA Ride to Appin, Sun Aug 17th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ed

    Meet at McDonald’s, Windsor Road, McGraths Hill.

    Meeting Time: 8.30am Departure Time: 9.00am

    Route: Richmond, Wallacia, The Oaks then a short break at Nattai Park for a view of Lake Burragorang which is held back by Warragamba Dam. Next we will...

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  2. Calling all riders from North Shore area

    Hi all - At the last HRCA ride to The Entrance, a small group of us, organised by johnm, initially met at the Shell Service Station (McDonalds), 150 Epping Rd, Lane Cove (the one with the smallish looking exit back on to Epping Rd).

    If those riders and others would like to join us again, plan to be there about 7:45am for a departure time of about 8:00. Given the long food queues at McDonalds McGraths Hill, perhaps we should have brekky at Lane Cove. We'll then go via the M2, refuelling at McGraths Hill.

    Hope to see more of you there this time.


  3. Hi Ed, I am in .... See you on Sunday 17 - if not before

    John M (M: 0416 721 242)
  4. I am in again for this ride... :cool:
  5. see you guys at the space station.
  6. Hi Guys,

    I finally got my new bike on thursday so I've been hanging for a nice ride. I should meet you guys at McGraths Hill. This would be my very first Netrider ride.

  7. Re HRCA trip to Appin

    Hi Andrask11

    Congratulations on yr new purchase and welcome to Netrider. This is actually a HRCA (Honda Riders Club) ride, but all Netriders (and types of bikes) are very welcome as they all know. Unless you change yr mind and start at the Shell Lane Cove, look forward to catching up at McGraths Hill.

    Take care

  8. Hi Andras,

    Lucky man got new bike '08.... any photos.. :wink: looking forward to see you and your new bike on the HRCA ride... :grin:

    I hope the NR forums is steady now (it was up and down from last week :roll: )
  9. No Photos yet cos it was raining and now it's really dirty. Soon I get some pics done.
  10. Hey guys, I think i would be keen for this ride. I hope to settle for my bike this week. That will give me a few weeks to get used to the bike etc before venturing out too far. Would also love to meet some of the blokes on here.

    Anyone else heading out from Wollongong? Would love to meet up with a more experienced rider to chaperone me if anyone would be so kind :)
  11. :grin: hahaha cant wait after 5 weeks of healing up should be alright for this one :LOL:
  12. Me and my housemate might be attending this one.
  13. Gidday

    I'll be comin if its not raining.........
  14. i'll meet up with you guys at Shell-McDs Lane Cove if the weather's good
  15. I should be in for this one! :grin:
  16. might have to pull out of this one as some butthole did a hit and run on me today. depending on success with IMR and a panel beater i may or may not be there. lets wait and see. some woman in a 4wd i hear.
  17. Hope the weather will be ok and I will be there :cool:
  18. Hows the new bike Mick? Hope to see it on the 17th.
  19. looks like im back in. said bike hurter fessed up and i'll get it fixed after.

  20. Hello my friend Baiazid good to hear from you again, do you have red 08 RR new bike ? Looking forward to see your new bike.. :p