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[NSW] HRCA Ride to Appin, Sun Apr 13th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Matt Smith

    April - Sunday 13th 2008 – Appin

    Meet At Mc Donalds, Windsor Road, Mc Graths Hill

    Meeting Time: 8.30am / Departing Time: 9.00am

    Route: Richmond, Wallacia, The Oaks then a short break at Nattai Park for a view of Lake Burragorang which i...

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  2. woohoo

    first reply
  3. Guess that makes me 2nd then. :cry:

    Last HRCA was great. Will be at this one as well weather permitting.
  4. Yay..I beat Lucas001 & Matrix! um...looking forward to this one
  5. me three:)
  6. What are you on Bel. Who do think think posted up the ride ??? LOL
  7. ForumBot did! :cool:
  8. hahahaha Do you know Forumbot ?
  9. Hey guys are L platers generally welcom on these rides was gunna go last
    sunday but didnt know how the l plates would go down....Cheers.
  10. There were a couple of L's on Sunday's ride. I don't see why the next ride would be any different. Would be a good chance for you to gain experience from others. Just remember to ride within your limits.
  11. Riders of any experience are always welcome on the HRCA rides. Feel welcome to turn up. The rides are at the speed limits and you will not be left behind.

    The aim of the day is to get out and have fun as well as meet some other riders. There are generally quite a few L and P platers
  12. The HRCA is a fun group to ride with, I started with them on L's too and have learn't alot from the riders since riding with them. Its great seeing 50+ bikes going through the mountain valley like a long snake - best moment ever!!!!
  13. are you sure its the best moment?
    if its a long snake like that it means we're stuck behind a truck!!!
    :mad: :mad:
  14. awesome. i should be fine for this.
    hopefully i can use the Gixxer again.. ahahaha
  15. Oii.. what number am I... :grin:

    I will be in the front again this time ... cruising with Kim... :p emmm... I mean with Matrix :LOL:

    Guys let's meet again in the morning ride with a group ride from Net Rider... I like to see you guys again .... :cool:

    RKO and Nelson make some plans meeting points will you ... :wink:
  16. We will definately meet up You all need to come past my place to get to McGraths Hill

    but we should organise a ride before then anyway I want to see the Bking on one wheel :grin:
  17. Kris the meet point is so close to your house, its just gonna be like 5mins pre-ride for you?? Nwise/Specs/ColRR could set up a pre-meet point as im a maybee at this stage.
  18. Count me in for this guy's, Girls are away on the friday for school holidays. Looking forward to meeting some new riders, oh and seeing the old netriders :p .
    My pre ride is about 10mins.
    see you there :grin:
  19. Lou's coming ......... Will be good to have you along but see you tomorrow at the Fidd anyways
  20. BUGGER!

    I'm booked in to do my P's test that day and I can't re-schedule as there's no other weekend spots available in Sydney for months. :(

    But hopefully I'll be on my P's for the next HRCA ride. [-o<

    Anyone on their L's shouldn't hesitate to go on these rides. You can ride at your own (legal) pace without being left behind and you will learn more in a day than what you normally would in a week or two of short trips around town.