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[NSW] How long did you wait to book your Ps?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by starlet, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I am currently on my Ls and as you know they expire in 6 months so you have to try and get your Ps before they do otherwise you have to go for your Ls again.

    Last night, my husband and I were thinking about when I should book in (They expire the end of November) for my Ps. I've heard it can take a while to get in - about a month or more?
    So, I'm a bit worried if I don't pass first go, I book in for another course but my Ls expire in the meantime which would mean I'll have to go for my Ls again :oops:

    Just wanted your experiences for those that already have their Ps. How long did you wait to book? Did you get them first go?

  2. I booked my Ps pretty much after the first three months. If you fail first go you will be allowed to re-do the test in a weeks time. You will not need to do the entire day course just the testing part
  3. Just did mine last week.
    The test was easy... Even if you don't pass first time (and you would need to be unlucky unless you can't ride), you just book in for a second test a week later. You only do the test, not the full day...

    I had to book 6 weeks in advance for the course, so I would go online to RTA and book soon.

    Have fun.
  4. Had to wait 6 weeks to book in for L's.

    For P's it took me 3 1/2 months to be able to book in. (Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow area). Even had to get my L's again.
  5. I am on the NSW Central Coast and when booking into the test centre at Tuggarah, I only booked it in only 1 1/2 weeks before the test. So they dont appear as book up as some of centres in Sydney

    I know people have gone up there from Sydney, so they didnt have to wait as long
  6. If you're prepared to ride a little ways, don't worry about it too much, book in when you're confident. When that happens, you can just ring every few days and ask if an opening has come up from a cancellation at any centres within a given distance you're willing to travel :) I did my Ls at Campbelltown and the Ps at St. Ives, and I live near the city :LOL: Ls was a week's wait, Ps just over from memory.
  7. I booked in after about 3.5 months and ended getting a cancelled spot in 2 weeks on a Saturday and all! :grin:

    I expected it to take 6 weeks.

    And if you are iffy about passing, spend the cash to hire the CB250 for the test. it is significantly harder doing the test on a full faired sports bike :shock:
  8. book it now, and start practising the course once you do.

    coneweave is pretty easy. u turn is pretty hard. both depend on the bike you ride.

    in any account, rev high, go slow, and lean your upper body in the opposite direction of the bike and you'll be good.
  9. I did the P's test exactly 1 day after the minimum 3 months.
  10. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
    I am willing to ride wherever I have to to get in. I went for my Ls in Newcastle so I could get in earlier and I live in Sydney. I was thinking of doing a pre-provisional course before going for my Ps for some extra training. Any recommendations?
  11. I did my pre-learners this monday & tuesday then my DKT on tuesday also, so while i'm on a roll I tried booking my P's test but the RTA website only allows bookings up to 60days in advance. i'll be booking my P's as soon as the website allows me :grin: + I don't wanna find that I have to stay on my P's another month or 2 because I waited till the last minute to book :roll:
  12. Was the extra 1 day because you had to or if I got my L's on the 17th can I then go for my P's on the 17th 3mths later? thats when I was going to book. hrm
  13. I got my Learners permit on the 12th, so I did my P's on the 13th

    I think the same date but 3 months later isnt 3 months yet

    Who knows, try it the worst they can say is no you have to wait till tomorrow.
  14. Book a test with 2 months left on your L's.
    If you ready before that time ,ring the RTA and bring it forward ,or push it back if you not ready, I think your got to call 1 week before the test to cancel it.
    I left it to late and was going to have to do the L's again ,but I called every 4 hours for a few days and got a cancellation ,I got lucky. :) .

    As for the Pre P's lesson ,I think if your 80% ready you will be ok ,as you get lessons and HEAPS of practics before you do the test , it not just straight test day ,It's a good training day with a 10 minutes test at the end of it.
  15. oops double post. :oops: