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[NSW] How can this happen? Insured, CTP NEVER registered.?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by drewzor, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. I purchased my new bike in may and was told the rego sticker would come in the mail... months later I'm still being told it will be fixed right up but the RTA tell me the plates dont exsist and this bike is not registered!!!

    How would you expain this to a cop?

  2. Re: How can this happen? Insured, CTP but NEVER registered..

    My bike was insured, but not registered for a couple of weeks. Its totally separate. It needs to be insured to be registered, but not registered to be insured (obviously).

    The rego sticker took about a week to reach me, but they gave me the plates on the spot. I drove without the sticker. However I carried my rego receipt with me, in case a cop pulled me over.

    Did the dealer tell you they were registering it? Perhaps they fcuked you?
  3. Same thing happened with me a while back.

    If you were pulled over, insurance or not, you're f****d. You need some stern words with the dealer that you got the bike off.
  4. Did you fill out the "Transfer of Registration" paperwork and send it in to the RTA?
  5. Have you called the dealer?

    Unless you requsted a "new" unrego'd bike, they they have stuffed up.

    Have you checked your purchase receipt
  6. +1
  7. When I purchased a new vs125 the dealer took my details and did everything. On the day of collection I signed paperwork and that was it.
    Very smooth very professional.
    This however the dealers refused to fit larger tyres after taking payment for it then took 4weeks to refund the difference.
    I signed contracts and rego/ctp stuff but what they did with it ?????
  8. Go back to the dealer (you said it was new, so I assume brand new, and this is a first time registration) and escalate until they process the registration on the spot.

    I believe that they can do it online these days, so you should be able to watch them do it, and get some documentation to prove it has been done.

    It is quite possible that it was just overlooked by the dealer, or they are lazy and do them in batches, but they could also be cash strapped, and saving money by not processing registrations. It has happened before.

    It certainly shouldn't take two months to be processed. The RTA saying the plates don't exist isn't good. Hopefully they just mean it hasn't been registered before, because they should know what plates have been issued to dealers for new motorcycle registrations.
  9. Re: How can this happen? Insured, CTP but NEVER registered..

    if you look at the fine print, the CTP ones tell you that it isn't valid until the registration is paid,

    "CTP Insurance operates for the period of registration of the vehicle.
    GIO new business Green Slips do not show the term of insurance, as
    cover DOES NOT commence until registration has been completed
    with the RTA."

    You can have a valid comprehensive policy without registration certainly, but since a vehicle is on the road illegally without registration, then any third party property claim resulting from use of that vehicle on the road is likely to be denied.