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[NSW] Hornsby To Wollombi, Sat May 13th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Pete The Freak

    It's about 100k's there and 100k's back.

    Meet at Mt Colah MacDonald's at 9.30am for 10am departure. (Please be fueled up.)

    Lunch at the Wollombi Tavern (famous for it's burgers & Dr Jurds Jungle Juice).

    MOre details to be found in the forum en...

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  2. Yo dudes.

    As my old mate Forumbot mentioned, Mt Colah to Wollombi on Saturday the 13th of May.

    While this will not be a super hard or super long ride, but I would not recommend this for beginners. Competent L and P platers should be fine, but there are some twisties that make this a bit more than a casual sightseeing ride.

    Check out www.wollombitavern.com.au for more info about our lunch destination.

    Ride Route
    North on the Pacific Hwy from Mt Colah
    Onto the Old Pacific Hwy at Berowra
    Take Old Pacific Highway to Calga Interchange
    Get onto Peats Ridge Rd at Calga
    Left turn on to George Downs Dr at Peats Ridge Golf Course
    Right onto the Great Northern Rd in the middle of woop-woop
    Then North to Wollombi and the best hamburger you've had in years...

    Currently Confirmed:
    Pete The Freak on his Hyosung
    Dante on his GSXR1100
    Sajie on her CBR250RR
    MickyB on his VTR250
    Mud Monkey on his GS500
    Trumpy on his Triumph TT600
    Haggismaen on this VTR250
    Haggis on his SV650
    database on his ZZR1200
    nudenut35[/] on his GSX1400

    (Btw I'm putting who's riding what so it's easier to identify on the day and when people start showing up. Nothing worse than waving down a rider you think is on your group ride when in fact they're on the prowl for murder victims or somesuch... :wink: )
  3. Outer unfortunately. On call for work so have to be nearby the city.
  4. im in for this one :)
  5. Hi Pete, put me down for this one, unless I have too much project work... I'll let you know if I can't make it

  6. I've just come home from this ride today.

    Aweseome route ! . . . especially with the semi damp roads this morning. :grin:

    I highly recommend the Mexican burger at Wollombi Tavern !
    You have to eat it with a mouth this big -------> :LOL:
  7. sounds good also is ride open to l/p platers and is anyone from parramatta area heading up?
  8. dude, its okay for L-platers.
    I did the ride with other experiencd riders, the next engine capacity up from me was a 600cc, and it was a R6, and the remainder was 800cc upwards !

    Its a long ride, but good to test out your skills and awesome scenery !

    Just ride your own pace with other L-platers and it should be fine.
    (not that that stopped me ! :grin:)

    I should be coming along to this one again.
  9. Where is MT colah. ???

    You take the "first" exit off the newcastle freeway at the Ku ring gai chase road exit .

    Once at the pacific hwy ,do you turn left or right to get to the Mac's.

    I hope to make it, will confirm friday arvo-night.
  10. left at the lights at the highway.
    then its on the right (not far from the lights)

    lady street is where the entrance is.
  11. Count me in for this one, sounds like it should be a good ride.

    Sean D
  12. I am jealous that is a brilliant ride remember don't drink the jungle juice before riding :beer:
  13. FINALLY!!!! This ride has woken up! I'd almost given up on this one.

    So we've now got 5 Netriders, acouple of my Non-Netrider mates and maybe some of the crew from the Aquila forum coming along too. Should be cool.

    I'm getting excited about this again. Thanks guys...
  14. mud monkey has a suzuki gs500 blue/white

    yeah pete now the event date is closing in more n more people will know if they can make it or not. could be up to 20 riders or very close too. not sure how many your planning for. but it is a possibility.
  15. No worries if it's gonna be that big, we mught just have to stagger into smaller groups. Let the Rossi's go first etc. Hopefully it should be a sweet day out...
  16. am i allowed? if i fuel up
  17. Mr Matti, you can come as far as your little Scoot will take you...

    Of course mate, any one's welcome, but read the ride description and decide if you're up for it. There a couple of 100k zones and its a 200k round trip...
  18. you'll enjoy it Matti.
    Just fuel up before departure.
    There is a road-house petrol station halfway along, if not, just make sure Dante brings a hose ! :grin:

    One think to watch out for is the wildlife.
    I must have counted 6 or so dead wombats on the side of the road last saturday.
  19. Watching my son kick goals for Kissing Point takes up my Saturday avo but I can ride Mon to Fri and am keen to try this ride and others from the Hornsby area. I do the Hornbsy -> Brooklyn on the highway not the F3 when I just need a quick fix. Hornsby -> Bayview via McCarrs Creek Rd is a another fix for me. I wouldn't mind some company.
  20. I'm definitely interested in tagging along, will have to see how work goes though.