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[NSW] Honda Australia Superbike BBQ, Thu Mar 13th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: glenn keating

    Come to Western Motorcycles Honda Auatralia Superbike BBQ on Thursday 13th March 2008. Starting @ 6:00 pm the evening is sure to be fun with the chance to press the flesh with best riders that Oz has to offer, along great prizes and a complimentry BBQ....

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  2. Wooot im there :)
  3. bring your bikes....we are all going for a ride afterwards
  4. What laps through my suburb the good old glenmore park twistiesssssssss :)
  5. sounds good! 20 times thru there should fill about 30 min of the ride!! A time trial- Mulgoa Rd to the Northern Rd.
  6. sounds awesome ... any idea what riders might be there ... as in superbike riders :wink:
  7. I'll go if the food is free .. otherwise if its not, I'll be washing my hair or sumfin else equally important.
  8. Food is definately free. Who is up for a ride afterwards? Make the most of daylight savings.
  9. If I'm in the area I will drop in
  10. hey mat, u going? give me a buzz

  11. Penrith,... emm too far from home... :?
  12. I can see some dark clouds from here... :evil: hope don't get wet as I've just cleaned my bike! :roll:
  13. Hey Lucas001.

    Im in the mountains and the clouds are here, but I dont think it will rain
  14. Hey belinda, i don't think either :grin: but still some dark clouds around here... lol.. r you going?
  15. sure am.... I often ride with the guys who work there, and it's where I bought my bike from.
  16. :grin: see u there
  17. Can i bring some friends and stay at someones house for the weekend?