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[NSW] Homebush Bay Brewery, Tue Sep 5th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Dinner, Drinks Social Gathering. 7pm.

    Meeting at Homebush Bay Brewery on Dawn Fraser Avenue Olympic Park.

    Dinner menu Closes at 8pm, Bar Menu only after that.

    This area is very central to greater sydney and is well serviced by public transport.

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  2. Ride to a brewry then taxi it home. I'll see f i can make it.
  3. Tues nights are free.

    C'mon LPCIII, it'll be fun. Nice roads around the Olympic area.

    It's just off Australia Av... easy. Silverwater, Holker, right at the end. Left. Left. Right onto Australia Av, and Dawn Fraser Av is the 5th right.
  4. whats the parking like near the pub or are you better off using public transport???
  5. parking right out the front. plenty of parking.
  6. So what is actually 'free' on tuesday nights?
  7. Synapseblue, I think Ktulu meant his tuesday nights are free (??).

    Anyway Dante I'll be there.
  8. ofcourse.. <slaps.forehead> drinks are alittle expensive their but for those riding i guess it wont matter!

    ohh yeh theres plenty of parking near-by.

    (btw its below the Novatel / Ibiz Hotels)
  9. We have bikez!

    ... and yes, I meant my Tuesday nights are unoccupied by prior engagements.
  10. Parking is also free.
  11. no more soccer training on tuesday nights so i say i would be keen on going
  12. daylight savings kicks in september or october ?
  13. Yeah I'll be there Ktulu, we can ride from mine. I've booked it in.
  14. I see we are back at HBB!

    where ever, i should be there CYA :)
  15. cool, yeah back at the brewery. its one of the few places where you can have the bikes right out front and have a relaxin drink while checkin out the bikes. unless they rope off the area.
  16. 1st week of Spring, should we warmer than our last venture at the outdoor cafe!
  17. yeah, no shrinkage !

    leather gloves that is !!
  18. Dante, Daylight saving starts on Sunday 29 October 2006 at 2 a.m.

    I might show my head at this one, depends on my extremely hectic social calendar...oh, i have just been told that the tv guide does not constitute as a social calendar. I should be there then.
  19. The pirate will be thaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Chris: I will bring that thing you left at my house...
    Kier: unfortunatly the left over beers have vanished from my fridge, I don't know, Claire probably threw them out or something, or perhaps I drank them, I don't remember because I was drunk from beers....but anyway I will see you at the Brewery and we can finish that argument about the definition of lane splitting/filtering.
  20. I won't make any promises at this time.

    I thought i'd say something, just in case some of you might think i've done a haggis, doing an MIA and going quiet on the forums.