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NSW High country, Long Plains Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dobbo, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Now it's time to convert a few here, to the 'Adventure' side of things :woot:
    Now with around 80% of this country's road network still dirt, I decided to create this little day trip report to convert a few over.
    As I mentioned in my previous report, even though I ride tar, dirt top is still my preferred route of travel.
    Single track and trail riding is something I did a lot of as a younger rider, now I enjoy the combination of distance and dirt.

    So here is my day trip from Long Plains Rd to Brindabella in the NSW High country.
    Bike of choice: 2008 DR650, fully kitted.
    Gear carried: Even though, my intention is just for a day trip, I carried enough gear to camp out for the night if things turn 'pear shaped' (Bogged or Breakdown)
    As this area has No phone reception, I carried a handheld UHF, GPS unit, detailed map, PLB, first aid kit, gear to perform self recovery, some basic bike parts/tools and a small amount of food + 8 litres of drinking water and a packet of 'common sense'.... :ROFLMAO:

    Departed home on Tuesday morning at about 10am (once again, I had house duties to complete first, happy wife=happy life.) It was a straight forward trip over to Tumut, where I topped up my fuel tank, 30litre Safari, which gives me between 650 - 700 km.
    My basic plan was to traverse Long Plains Road to Brindabella, via Broken Cart tk & Barnetts rd. Taking in a few sights along the way.

    After Tumut, I decided to head straight up the tar to Yarrangobilly, encountering a lot of roadkill along the Blowering dam section and roadworks just near the Talbingo turn off, so it was a slow trip up the mountain, but hey, I'm on a DR :)

    Long Plains Road, is just past the Yarrangobilly Caves turn off, and is closed over the winter months. IMAG0226.

    Long Plains Road, has a lot of Brumbies and Kangaroos, however, by the time I pulled up and fumbled my camera out, they had done the bolt, so if you want to see them, you'll need to make the trip yourself. On past trips I've counted up to 130 brumbies on the way into Blue Water Holes.

    The mighty Murrumbidgee River, just a small stream up here compared to what passes through my home town. IMAG0237.

    Coolamine Homestead. Built around 1883, mainly for Cattle grazing.
    It is interesting to spend some time and read the news paper articles plastered to the internal walls to provide insulation; however, in more modern times vandals have got in and set fire to them, so only a few remain.

    Covered by the NPWS with Perspex in an attempt to preserve the newspapers/history.

    Here is one dated August 1939.

    Next stop was 'Blue Water Holes'
    (Access can be made with a 2wd car; however, I'd avoid it if wet weather is forecast.)

    Crystal clear (and cold) water, with cave networks in surrounding hills, but the Chasm is the highlight of the Blue Water Holes. Camping available, with tables and toilets on site.


    After a rest at Blue Water Holes, I back tracked a little, to continue along 'Long Plains Road', until I reached the junction of Broken Cart Fire trail.
    IMAG0259. IMAG0260.

    Now, I did notice on my Hema map, that the word 'Bog Hole' was mentioned several times; however, this is the middle of January?????

    Most of the 10 or so bog holes that I had to squeeze past/through, were to some 4WD fanatic, a fantastic opportunity to chew the guts out of them and make them deep enough to swallow a DR whole. (Probably my son and his mates)
    I didn't quite make it around this one, bogged!!!! At times like this, I really wonder, why I ride alone..... anyway, plenty of 'huffing & puffing' but I finally got out.

    I finally made it to the blacktop that is Brindabella road at around 5pm, now for the 40km ride on this fantastic logging road, back into Tumut.

    Finally made it home for dinner at around 7pm, some 9 hours & 400km....... still enough fuel for another adventure!

    Cheers Dobbo (y)
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  2. What beautiful places your DR650 takes you to dobbodobbo. Your photos of the Chasm make me want to get on a bike and go there today. Consider me converted.
  3. Great report and fabulous photos (y)
  4. Awesome! Once I chew up the road tyres on my VStrom I plan on getting some Mitas E07's and try my hand at some dirt. I may find the DL1000 a bit of a handful and I have plenty of mates who are happy to talk me into getting a DR650 :D
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  5. Thanks dobbodobbo! Great read
  6. Hell yeah I reckon it would be great fun in my GS as well
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  7. Great write up and photos, I'm tempted but I spose my 659 is not the right bike. Thx
  8. Great read dobbodobbo , well done :woot:
  9. Sold.

    Sign me up.
  10. great read and pictures. 6 months ago at age 59 got my L,s. now a real licence. on sat i do my firstt big ride (for me). melb-healesville- black spur, alexandra, merton mansfield. stay the night on a mates farm.sun am home mansfield, yea, toolangi, yarra glen melb. bags are packed and loaded, bike cb250 is ready to go. only 2 sleeps till my xmas.
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  11. Great post Dubbo.

    V jealous.

  12. great post and pics!!!!!
  13. I was up this way very recently, however on the tarmac sections. The roads are amazing. Covered some 2000k. BUT meeting so many other motorcyclists on my side of the road was terrifying. At one point a group headed by a red BMW left me all but stopped in the grass as an aprilia and a cb400 honda cut the corner so much they were completely almost on the grass on my side. I love riding and hope to continue but i dont think I have ever seen so many riders on my side.

    NSW your roads are awesome but your groups of riders as a whole were pretty bad at staying on their own side. :mad:
  14. On device so unable to like.. Its love anyways..Awesome tale of adventure.. no need for converting here. Rather another addition on the list of places to explore. Cheers
  15. It sounds like it was a great day out. Good on you.
  16. dobbodobbo , you are killing me with this report. I wish I was there with you, pal.
    This is exactly, why there is now a Wee-Strom in my life.

    This beautiful area has now been added to my to-do list.