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[NSW] Hi From a Kiwi in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ulaa, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, I moved over to Sydney from the rapidly emptying NZ, almost 12 months ago to the day. Greetings from the many Bikers in NZ ( head to the kiwibiker forums if you are ever heading over to NZ, you will get plenty of help and good info, about 20,000 members)

    I bought me a pretty little 2007 Boulevard C50 from the nice folks at Hornsby Suzuki and Ive been very slowly learning my way around North Sydney and the great rides on the North Coast. Been browsing these forums for quite some time and have learned some great stuff from you guys already.

    A little bit about me, I love wine and know a little bit about it, I work as a Computer Security Engineer (thats Geek talk for the "Guy who says no"), I'm 38 No kids, trying to persuade the wife to get on the back of the C50 may have to buy her a Goldwing to make that dream happen, love riding and my next and final bike is a Boulevard M109.

    When I turn 40 I will probably join Ulysses as I have a lot of mates in it, and I would love to ride around Australia.

  2. welcome to the nuthouse mate, alot of great people here.
    Oh and welcome to aussie too.

    You will have to make it to one of the coffee nights.
    Check out the event section all in there.


    Cheers Lou
  3. Welcome.

    Had a great holiday in New Plymouth over Christmas - New Zealand is a beautiful country.

    Good luck with the other half, I've been riding for 20 years and I haven't had much success - not sure if it's my riding or the dreaded rumours that bikes aren't safe. Some people just don't get it!

    Have fun
  4. Ha ha. Are you kidding me? Its your dream to have your girl on the back? I know how you can make this happen. Tell her that it is your dream. Look in her eyes and tell her your dreams. She will be putty in your hands.. well nearly. Then take her for a gentle, slow ride, Oh come on guys! You know how it works!! :LOL:
    My guy got me onto a yammie 750 and it was Bloody Aweful. So then we chose an 'us' bike. Aprilia Futura 1000. Unbelievable rides we had on that thing. And even after a painful off.. for a girl that swore NEVER to get on a bike... I am now obsessed by the things :grin:
  5. Mate, welcome. Word of warning, once you convince the other half to get the back the bike will no longer be yours! :LOL:

    You'll be pillioning every ride and praying for a freezing hail-ridden day to go out on your own!!!

    Have fun.
  6. Not So Pro! :LOL:
    I have since done my time on my 125 as you know and now chase him everywhere on his GSXR 1000 with my 500! :cool: Like I said - obsessed!
  7. Hey Ulaa, welcome! Everyone here has been ultra sweet and I'm sure you'll fit right in.

    Re: your wife - bribe her, do the puppy-eyed thing a poster suggested or just "coerce" her into getting on it :p That's what happened to yours truly! I was deathly afraid of the monstrous blue "thing" that made loud screeching noises whenever Jeff popped around to my place three years ago.

    He finally gave the whole "You promised me, dammit! You can't go back on your word, woman!" spew after about a year I told him I'd try going pillion one day. And when I finally did - WAM! It was love at first ride, and I'm sure your wife will be the same :wink: