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[NSW] Hexham to Wollombi, Sun May 21st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, May 11, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: rourkster

    Meet at McDonalds Hexham 8am for 8.30am departure. Fuel available next door.
    Up the highway to John Renshaw Dr, then to Cessnock, right turn onto Allendale Rd, left into Broke Rd for a scenic ride through the vineyards to Milbrodale Rd and south onto ...

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  2. I have no idea why Mr ForumBot decided to put a NSW ride in the VIC section! I've cancelled this one & started a new entry which will hopefully make it to the right spot.
  3. hi m8, the NSW forum is new, there may still be some teething problems with the calendar entry..

    matt may move this up when he has the chance.
  4. yes when you edit /update details in the calendar it is 'suspended' then reapprvoved by the 'admins'

    in this case i think it is just a teething problem with the submission inside the calendar or it hasent been done yet.
  5. Ok, so my entry has made it to the right spot. Just waiting for the calendar entry to catch up. Haven't been here long but I'm organising this ride with a couple of mates & thought I'd throw it on here & see if anyone wanted to tag along. I realise there's been a few Wollombi runs recently but I haven't had the chance to attend any of them due to work and my kids sporting commitments.

    Hoping some Newcastle riders might join in (Typhoon & Prawns etc??) and maybe start something regular. Any learners/inexperienced riders more than welcome. Between my mates & I we have a spread of experience with 1 just coming onto his full licence & purchasing a ZX6r and the other very experienced & riding a VTR1000. I'm the token cruiser boy :grin:

    Feel free to join in! Can supply my mobile number if needed.
  6. Bingo! :)
    .. it's on the list for me to do this weekend.
  7. I can't make this one, too much on this weekend. Now, next weekend is god, missus is away!
    Nothing wrong with a cruiser, at least I wil have someone to keep up with!
    I'm glad someone local is also trying to start a ride!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Unfortunatly I cant make it either, will be heading to stroud for the thunderbolts rally, the last time I went it was great, live bands well into the night, dyno machine, mechanical bull, show and shine etc n plenty of piss and good fun :)
    Will prolly be up for another weekend though :)
  9. Mate, sounds like a perfectly good way to spend the day. Actually, any excuse is a good one for a trip to the Wollombi Pub. Count me in.
  10. Can I say something dumb & ask if you're aware that I'm planning for Sunday the 21st? When you say "this weekend" do you mean 13/14th May or do you mean the weekend I'm planning this ride? And when you say "next weekend" do you mean the 27/28th May or once again the weekend I've planned? Does that make sense??
    Slap me upside the head if need be! :oops:

    I was thinking of planning a Nabiac Bike Mueseum run at some stage so stay tuned....
  11. I have the Thunderbolt flyer sitting on my desk next to me & was tossing up attending. I didn't think my mates would be that interested in it so I decided to give it a miss. Now I'm thinking maybe going up there after my young bloke finishes footy on Saturday and coming back that afternoon then doing Wollombi on the Sunday. I live in Thornton so it's a quick blat up Seaham Rd to Dungog and across to the Bucketts for me. Only about 1 hr to Stroud. I'll let you know if I'm definite & might catch up eh?
  12. Excellent! You can ring me (Simon) on 0434811955 if you need.
  13. No probs, will give you a buzz if anything goes awry, but at this stage I can't see any reason why I won't see you at Hexham Maccas.
  14. Mate, I must be on bad acid or something! I read your Woolembi date as this weekend! I dunno why???
    Well, this is another kettle of fish, gives me a couple of weeks on teh new bike, so I wil say a tenative yes, I am in!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Steer clear of the tabs with Osama Bin Laden on them. :?

    This is good. More the merrier! My mobile number is a cuppla posts ^ that-a-way.
  16. If I can bring a couple of non-netriders along, then I'll come along as well. How many so far? :)
  17. Good stuff. Appear to have 5 takers so far without counting yourself and your mates. Hoping the weather holds and a few more might sign on.
  18. I'll have to pass on this one, folks, I need a new back tyre with a degree of desperation and that'll have to go behind a couple of other bills.....
  19. Just bumping this up closer to the date. Looking forward to seeing Typhoon, nudenut and Nick & friends at 8am at Hexham Maccas. Weather outlook is 50/50 but I'm optimistic.

    Nick - your 650 isn't black and red with matching panniers & Givi box is it?