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[NSW] Hexham to Walcha, Sat Sep 30th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Rourkster

    Meet at Hexham McDonalds 8am Saturday 30.9.06 for an 8.30am departure. Fuel is available next door. From there we head over the Hexham Bridge for a 25km burn up the Pacific Highway before turning onto the Bucketts Way and travelling 80km to Gloucester....

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  2. Nice Idea Simon good timing everything just superb all going to plan I will be there with bells on should be a long but good ride!!
    One week after returning from phillip Island should be recovered and ready to go again .....or hate my bike ? Will be there mate thanks for the post.
  3. Thanks Brad. It's about 250km up there from Hexham. We could come back via Tamworth and the New England Hwy but that's about 350km back. I'm willing if others are, purely for the sake of different scenery. But if Thunderbolts Way proves to be enjoyable then turning around and returning the same way could be the go.
    The Commercial seems nice enough and meals appear to be very good value. Find out more about it here
    Another option is a quick trip out of Walcha after lunch to Apsley Falls in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. To access the falls we'd need to head east along the Oxley Highway for 19 km then take the signposted turnoff on the left. At the rest area there is a gorge rim walking track. A 52-m steel stairway leads to an observation deck where there are great views of the deep gorge and the falls which drop 309 m in two stages. The Apsley River Nature Trail is a 1-km circuit track. Something to consider anyway.
  4. Love the idea of heading to national park, probably more keen on returning same way along thunderbolts rather than tamworth but will go either way just thought would express my preference
  5. Simon I,m sure you are aware, no I am not or I wouldn't be writing this. It's a bl#@&y long weekend 30/9-2/10. Even thou I don't speed! double demerits. I am worried about chazpowers :moped: he can't help himself. I don't want to be stuck with all his O/T:LOL:
  6. Good point old fella
  7. You been sneeking a look again? Have a good time down PI almost wished I was going with you.
  8. Thanks it was very hard not getting up for work this morning but I did it can't wait leaving tomorrow arvo wont be thinking of you I promise, I be up for any ride to walcha just talk amongst yourselves
  9. Having just referred to my calendar it now becomes apparent why Monday the 2nd October has a shaded grey box around it! I'm happy to stick with this weekend if it suits the majority or move it accordingly. I believe the prior weekend (23/24) is out due to GP etc. The following weekend (7 & 8/8) would be okay but only for the Sunday as I would be coming off nightshift 7am Saturday. I'll call for a show of hands and edit accordingly.
  10. hey people well that ride sound smick as so count me in there as well deff a yes
  11. Will definetly keep this in mind can anyone give me a rough idea of how long this will take? Cause remember im a newbie :)
  12. mmmm I was pretty keen on doing the three points ride, But i suppose i could call it recon... Yeah count me in. As for the date, dont really care..BUT.... long weekend could bring quite a bit of traffic up there and double demerits....... I'm in anyways!!!!

  13. This is an all day ride huzey probably over 500km get alot of practice and I mean alot before you put your hand up
  14. Such a big ride during double demerits scares me a bit much guys.

    Huzey if your considering this ride make sure your comfortable with bad quality bumpy roads, off camber corners etc as thunderbolts while really scenic, isnt exactly A1 road and can be unforgiving - especially on a bike your not used to while your still learning to ride.....

    I think its more a experienced ride this one mate, but its your call of course :)
  15. well wont have to worry double points weekend if ya dnt speed lol
  16. SPOT ON!!!
  17. can i come.....can i come :dance:
  18. Simon Sunday 8/10 works for me =;
    And it wont rain. anyway i will go along with the majority.
  19. couldnt see why u couldnt come cat

    just joking!!! sure, you can come