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[NSW] Hexham to Nabiac Motorcycle Museum, Mon Jun 19th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: rourkster

    Very short notice I know, but anyone interested in joing Den Monkey and I on a day trip from Newcastle to Nabiac? Meet at McDonalds Hexham at 9am for 9.30am departure. Travel Pacific Hwy for 25km then left onto The Bucketts Way and 23km to Booral. Turn...

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  2. I would LOVE to join you but i have to work, and a sickie is not possible. I have ridden some of these roads and they are great, take care and let us know how you go.

    Oh, I should be able to do at least a bit of the memorial run, so might see you there
  3. No worries Tim. It was pretty short notice and only got planned after Brett & I ran into each other in town on Friday. Probably do it again when the weather warms up & will give plenty of notice. I'm a definite for the memorial run also so I'll see you there.
  4. Well, Den Monkey and I did this ride and had a great time. Left Hexham Maccas at 10am and up the highway to the Bucketts Way for a short burst thence onto Booral Rd for 20 odd kilometres of fast open sweepers on the flats and bumpy, tight 35km/h twisties over Devils Hills before re-joining the highway just south of Buladelah where we stopped for a drink and a smoke and a photo op. Took the Old Pacific Highway north from Buladelah, and I must admit it was rather eerie to travel through O'Sullivans Gap with only Brett and I on the road. I vividly remember my many trips to Brisbane where this particular segment of road saw us stuck behind a semi for some distance until an overtaking lane presented itself. To have the road to ourselves and to treat the lane lines with disdain was quite an experience. After 25 all-too-short kilometres we re-emerged onto the highway at Coolongolook and on to Nabiac.
    Lunch at the Nabiac Hotel consisted of possibly the world's biggest mixed grill for moi and a chicken schnitzel the size of a dinner plate for Brett. Great value, except we were both ready for a kip afterwards. We then found our way to the Australian Bike Museum and paid our $11 entry fee whereby the lady at the counter insisted we check out a rather large grub emerging from its cocoon in the yard area behind the office. She seemed particularly enamoured with it and Brett eloquently summed up her enthusiasm with the observation "She probably hasn't seen a slug that big for a LONG time..."
    The museum was a lot bigger than I'd imagined and we probably should have got there earlier to do it full justice. It is well worth the trip for any Netriders thinking of calling in. At 3.30 we decided we'd best start heading back if we were going to beat the cold and dark. We headed west from Nabiac along Avalon Rd to the Bucketts Way at Krambach and then on through Gloucester, Stroud and Booral again before back onto the highway where we parted ways at the Hexham Bridge and I rolled into my garage at 5.30.
    No moments to mention and a good trip. Unfortunately we disturbed a bull and cow indulging in their conjugal rights just south of Booral. Quite disturbing to round a downhill left-hander to find this very large bull right up on the fenceline working away at a very disinterested cow with the bull giving us the stare as we rode past.....