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[NSW] Here & There Motorcycle Movers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Finn, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. After my crash on Friday I needed to transport my ZZR 1100 from Jenolan Caves to Penrith.
    Yesterday I called Peter from Here and There Motorcycle Movers - 0400 499 056.
    As advertised here on Netrider.

    Peter was awesome. All I had to give him was;
    a) Where is the bike
    b) Onsite Contact name & number
    c) Insurance Claim number.

    Peter rang me back not 20 minutes later to tell me that pick had been organised for 07:30 the next morning.

    This morning at 10:20 my bike was in my driveway.

    Totally painless experience.
    Highly recommend Here & There Motorcycle Movers.

    Cheers Peter.

    Peter is based out Kurrajong way, between Bells Line of Road and the Putty Rd.
    His rates are pretty reasonable too I think.
    Not that I had to pay for this one as it's going through insurance, but I wanted to know for my own reference.

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  2. Thanks for posting Finn, very helpful mate. May even refer to their service for a longer 'bike move' in future.
    Always great hearing of a successful/positive outcome to an ordeal (y)
  3. Thanks mate, very handy. Ive now saved their number in my phone.
  4. Sorry Gents, meant to reply earlier.
    @ Nickers, it was my pleasure to post up. Good word of mouth is the best type of advertising any business could want. He deserves every kind word I can give him.
    @ AznCruiser, he's worth having in your phone alright.

    I just got off the phone with Peter. He's taking my bike to the repairers for me. Pick up tomorrow morning. Again, a painless phone call is all it takes.

    I just hope the repair process is just as easy. (fingers crossed)