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[NSW] Herald petition to force early elections

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bonk, Dec 11, 2009.

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  2. So we allow newspapers owned by media moguls with a political agenda to dictate how a government should be run or to change a constitution etc?
    I have grave misgivings about this type of poll no matter how on the nose a government is perceived to be.
  3. The petition is not to have an election, it's to allow us to call early elections when we have a dud or non-functioning government in power.

    Which is how it used to be before 1995 when the rules changed to the way they are now.

    It's asking for an option which I think we should have, and all of Sydney must pretty much agree we need.
  4. Regardless it is a newspaper guiding public opinion, that newspaper is owned by a media mogul with an agenda, very dangerous stuff.
  5. We're on our, what - fifth Roads Minister in 3 years?
    Third Premier.

    I remember when I was at school, people going spastic about teacher's changing during Year 12 because of 'continuity' and how 'damaging' it could be to education and exam results.

    These people are in charge of the whole state.

    The article makes a number of points about the deficiencies of the current state government. Do you disagree with any of them?
  6. I don't really care to tell you the truth I'm a victorian. Regardless it is part of the political process and it's the newspapers job to report the news not to sway and guide public opinion all because the owner of the paper sees fit to do so.
    Report on the news not make the news.
  7. So if we have a non-functioning government... aaaaaand we can't call an early election... aaaaand the governor doesn't call an early election... aaaaaand transport and health services are compromised, which makes waiting 2 years unacceptable --> who's job is it to do something about it?

    Who can pose a single piece of advice, request, or suggestion to the voting majority of NSW?

    It's pretty much left to the media.

    But fine - some rich guy is telling us what to think, and has an agenda.
    What's the agenda?

    He wants to see the back of the worst state government in living memory? Well, he and I have something in common.
  8. The sad thing is that I don't know if they'll get voted out :/

  9. But we al know where your political allegiance lies so it's kind of moot.
    The political process is what it is and you have to deal with it like the Yanks did when no one wanted Bush in his last years etc.
    Media moguls have hidden agendas to line their pockets and make sweetheart deals with opposition pollies, usually of the conservative persuasion in order to further their own interests.
    What you personally see as a bad government others don't.
    You have a new Premier in your state, see how she goes and then campaign hard against her when the election comes around.
    Media driven electioneering is so wrong on so many levels.
    Reporting corruption etc is the job of the media, fomenting dissent is not.
  10. Believe it or not smee, some of the people involved in the media process are actually human beings. Yes, I know that is hard to accept, but it's true. :) Given that it was an opinion piece and in the herald, im willing to give it more of my time than if it was fro the telegraph

    "The political process is what it is and you have to deal with it like the Yanks did when no one wanted Bush in his last years etc."
    that's almost like saying that the road laws are in place and wont be changed for anyone. If your in a minority group deal with it.

    What we personally see as a bad government, is indeed a bad government. that is a fact. I have not met anyone who will say that Labor over the last however many years has not been severely incompetent and utterly useless. They have brought bankruptcy to the most populous state in Australia in the ten years of greater prosperity then ever seen before. All the while they have been lining their own pockets through inside deals and brown paper bags, they have essentially become a multi million dollar business and in the process brokered NSW. That complete muppet called Tripodi has been caught in so many scandals that he should be in gaol for a long time, but funnily enough all the official inquiries have brought up nothing.

    Quite simply, they need to go. The sooner the better.

  11. The same was said about Bjelke Petersen in Queensland yet he survived 20 + years as premier and was one of the most corrupt of all premiers.
    He had the media on his side as it suited Murdoch way back then as well.
    Sorry, media should remain neutral and report on the facts.
    Whatever else you have said is irrelevant I'm talking about the neutrality of the media nothing more, as I have said I don't care for the politics I do care for media bias.
  12. I don't believe everything I read, and I don't think the media is the white-knight of an informed society either.

    But in this instance, I believe the proposal is with merit given the context of the political situation we are in.
    You may not agree solely on the basis it's coming from 'the media': that's fine, as you said, you are in Victoria so the issue doesn't concern you.

    But this exact same petition could have come from the National Society for The Promotion Of Drugs and Guns in Primary Schools, and I'd still think it was a good idea.
  13. The NSW government is a joke - as has been pointed out we have had a high turnover rate for our ministers, and all of them have done a shit job!

    This state has been severely mismanaged for way too long. NSW labour is the state equivalent to the Federals Lib's - it is a party devoid of definitive leadership that is doing a fantastic job of destroying itself, while completely screwing the state in the process... its a great time to be the opposition in NSW, you just have to sit back and watch the **** ups roll out one after the other.

  14. Agreed yet the media supported Howard right through because he performed favours about media ownership to certain media moguls.
    They were never as savage on Howard as they are on the ALP.
  15. The ALP got massive amounts of media support in the lead up to the last election. Those millions upon millions of union dollars got spent on a lot of advertising...

    Rudd will lose favour if he keeps pulling his little circus acts - ie inviting only one cameraman, with no journalist, to his various press releases, raiding newspaper offices to find out government leaks etc.
  16. I have no political preference, I just vote for whoever seems the least retarded over the course of time.

    Which is why I would love legislation that forces an early election if a party chooses to nominate a new leader for whatever reason.

    Brumby, for example, is so truly terrible he is bordering on corruption through negligence IMO.

    Not that we really have any great alternatives at the moment, but we should at least have the opportunity to choose.
  17. That's union support - union money. The media in that case is the commercial enterprise that happily takes the money. I'm pretty sure Smee etc are referring more to news and current affairs coverage, and the partiality thereof... in effect free/subsidised advertising.

    That said, Smee I don't think you can wish to see the media as an impartial reporter of facts - it is and always will be an active participant in the political process, or at least a filter, by it's very nature. Unfortunately in recent times it has seemed to be a negative, deceitful role rather than an informing/mobilising role, but it hasn't always been so.
  18. Petitions will not achieve anything. We have fixed-term government in this state, and only a change to the law will change that. The Government is not about to change the law, and the opposition won't help in case one day the members of their parties find themselves in the same situation.

    March 2011 can't come soon enough, but nothing will happen before that.
  19. Agreed, one can only wish it were impartial but unfortunately it isn't. Look at the sorry state of current affairs
  20. Newspapers have traditionally been the mouth piece for their owners, there is nothing new in that. This goes back a hundred or so years ago and it's only comparatively recently that we've assigned them this high level of regard and expect impartiality. Of course, the paper that is the least biased is the one that agrees with your perspective.

    For a Fairfax newspaper to be promoting this is a very poor sign for the ALP in NSW. Even they've ditched them. You expect the Telegraph to be to the right, but when the ALP lose the support of one of the broadsheets (that isn't a News Ltd paper) it's a concern.