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[NSW] Helmet Warehouse - Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mav, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Anyone shopped from here before? Either online or in person?

    Any experiences / comments are appreciated


  2. Been in-store and was fine. Didn't have anything I wanted but then I do have an ugly shaped head.
    Know a few have mentioned their online experience with them positively on NR, but I can't cite them off my mind and I'm currently on tapatalk :p.
  3. I went in there once. The sales guy said something like "We have such a good range, we will definitely be able to find something for you at the right price." I walked out empty handed.

    To be fair, helmets at that point, seemed to be going through a small chin trend.

    Seemed like reasonable value for money and they have been around for a while.
  4. friendly family business. never had an issue with them. have bought a few things from there. i'll go back
  5. I got a matt black Shoei XR-1100 from them online a few months ago. Manufacturing date of my helmet is January this year and it's faultless.
    Communication was prompt, helpful and very pleasant. The transaction was painless and shipping was fast.
    I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for anything.
  6. I bought mine from there.

    Quick and easy, though they sent me someone elses leather jacket too which costs ~$500....They were very thankful when i notified them of the error and had a courier come collect it promptly.

    Things like that happen so its good to see they sort it out quickly and are thankful for peoples honesty.
  7. Yep, I've bought from there in person.

    It was my first gear puchase experience and I tried on almost every budget helmet in the shop. Staff was friendly and helpful with advice on how a helmet should fit and feel. Feels like a family run store. Ended up buying an Icon helmet and RST textile jacket.

    Would shop there again when I know what I want and if the price is right.
  8. Serbs mate, can't go wrong :)
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  9. Yep, I've bought my last two helmets (Nolan N102 and Shoei XR-1100) from them. Very friendly and way cheaper than Bikebiz/MCAS.
    No complaints from me and I'd buy from them again. Bear in mind their stock is limited though, it's not a large store.
  10. I popped in there while I was up, guy was friendly, helpful, seemed to have heaps of stock, happy to chat even though I told I wasn't buying anything.

    Prices seem pretty good too.
  11. should take the missus with me then, and get a village discount :D
  12. Is that where they all yell at each other, threaten to cut each others throat and then leave best of friends?
  13. thats how they say hello!

    its when they say goodbye it gets messy...
  14. Thats when you mistake them for croatian... did it the opposite way around once assuming a croat was a serb... oops.
  15. Brought my first gear from them in-store and they're great.
  16. +1 (y)
    Got an agv k3 there for $199 compared to other stores (approx $220-30) early this year. Then went back in July to grab some smx1 boots at 20% off. Seems most things have a discount there.