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[NSW] Head of the RTA suspended

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. The NSW government has suspended the head of the RTA over the stuff up on the F3.


    Interesting that - I got an email from an acquaintance of mine who got stuck in that on his bike - he was stuck for an hour and when he managed to get through and across the divide he got cautioned by the cops!

  2. Not sure how its actually the CEO's fault, he was probably down the pub.
    Blame the person who sent the fuel tanker to pump out the other tanker, but no pump... that wasted hours.
  3. Regardless of the incompetency on the part of the tanker company, the RTA still is responsible for keeping people there when it was patently unnecessary to do so. The truism that "The buck stops here" applies in this case. He should take the fall for it.
  4. like that's going to be 'independent'
  5. Chuck on top of that the RTA call centre is shut down at present since yesterday!
  6. good, someone has to be held responsible, atleast for once it wasn't some poor worker being scapegoated.

    I saw the start of the problems on monday. I went for a ride up the old road and on my way back down there was heaps of cars and semis coming the other way (northbound). To make matters worse there was roadworks on the old road.

    When I got back on the F3 i noticed that it was gridlocked and that was at around 11:30am. For it to not reopen till midnight is beyond shit. There's u turn bays all the way along the road, how hard would it be to send the traffic onto the other side of the road between 2 u turn points. All u need is a few witches hats and a few hwps standing around with their glowsticks.
  7. I just read through the comments on that article. People are calling to upgrade the old pacific highway. I will literally cry if they ruin that road (straighten it out and encourage the swines that use the F3 to use it)
  8. you mean figuratively. (context: xkcd)
  9. Monday was quite possibly the only time in the last four months that I've been glad I wasn't at work as I would have been bang in the middle of that and quite possibly been in the same situation as Tony's acquaintance. Worst of all is the truck drivers who copped it off RTA officers for exceeding the limits on in-cab time. What the hell were the drivers to do when they're stuck in a monumental RTA induced traffic jam?
    Since I moved up here I've said that the F3 is a beautiful freeway but it has a distinct lack of exit ramps, it's very much a one way road, and this incident should serve as a reminder to the RTA that when something goes pear shaped they should be more willing to run the contraflow system.
    I'm also with UDLOSE in regards to the Old Pacific and would hate to see more traffic on it as not only does it present riders with some twisties but it's a blissful escape from the morons on the F3 that dispense with all courtesy in a futile attempt to make their journey home quicker.
  10. Yonks ago (nearly 10 years ago?) I was writing a computer program with a mate - for the insurance industry, it was supposed to make us a fortune Ha Ha bloody Ha. We sold one copy.

    Anyroad, he lived at Terrigal, and I quite often drove up from Sydney to work there for the day. Coming back late in the evening most times. I remember one trip back, there were night road works - the F3 was blocked southbound - all three lanes for 2 feckin' hours. No signage, no way to turn back to go on the highway.

    A RTA bloke was walking up the queue of cars and trucks telling everyone what was going on. I (like everyone else I 'spose) asked him WTF wasn't there a detour? His answer - The RTA didn't want extra traffic disturbing the residents on the Hwy. What a load of bollocks!
  11. As I have noted on couple of occasions before, the people of NSW had their chance to be rid of the corrupt and incompetent RTA at the last state elections, and instead re-elected a corrupt and incompetent government.
  12. Another win for democracy.
  13. I don't get this. Who's plan was it to abolish the rta? was it a liberal party promise? Without getting to much into politics, i know I had no idea about this plan when I was voting.
  14. It was an official part of the Liberal Party platform; as I remember, the wording was "Our first act in government will be to abolish the RTA".
  15. ok, now that hes sacked, is that a good thing or bad?? (i dont know) as i believe he really answers to the scum government pollys anyway
  16. fair enough. In all honesty though, as the election approached the liberal party didnt exactly put themselves out on the longest limb they could find, it was as though they ceased to exist.

    /politics (hopefully)
  17. not sacked, suspended on FULL pay. Might as well be on a holiday
  18. Probably is on holiday.
  19. I was stuck in this shet storm for 6 hours. Why the fark they didnt make the call to divert when the wrong truck/pump turned up and then the right one turning up around 4:30pm and were informed its atleast a 4 hour job is beyond me.

    Then all the police and rta crew to do the divert didnt come past me until around 9pm and were jammed up in all the traffic, parked trucks, overheated cars, vehicles out of fuel and people having a sleep.

  20. lets hope hes heading up to central coast then :)