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[NSW] HBB Gathering mid monthly., Wed Jun 21st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Jaqhama, May 30, 2006.

  1. Homebush Bay Brewery twice a month Gathering.

    I've been talking to a few of the other folks and we feel that there needs to be two monthly meetings at the HBB because quite a few of us do shiftwork and are not able to attend every first Tuesday.

    I suggest that in addition to the first Tues we should also have a second Gathering on the third Tues of the month.

    I'm looking for responses here before I go ahead and post it up under a Sticky, so please voice a yes or a no.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  2. Great idea, Jaq. The original once a month idea grew out of the fact that I had trouble getting anyone to come out even with THAT frequency!!!

    Twice a month for me would mean that I would have a chance of being at least at one of them (both is unlikely due to work, distance, etc....)
  3. I'm in for that, or do you want to make it Wednesday for the 2nd one, for those that have another regular Tuesday gig?
  4. What about keep the first Tuesday of the month at HBB and have a moving third Tuesday of the month? We could maybe go southside and northside - I know probably a pain to organise and agree on a place so best to discuss next week.

    But if the vote goes to have two meets a month at HBB then so be it.

    A few of us spoke about maybe doing a night ride as well, say up the mountains somewhere for a late night pizza or I'd like to do the Old Rd at night to Brooklyn. Or even have a night ride as an option, for say, the fourth Tuesday of the month.
  5. You must have a better headlight than me, Toecutter :LOL:

    But a night ride WOULD be fun......
  6. I think a Weds nite on the third week of the month is a great idea.
  7. I'm up for either, either, or..... Like Toecutter said, something to discuss over a beer or two... I mean coffee....

    See y'all next Tuesday unless you're going on the Wollombi run on Sunday....

    Cheers All....
  8. I must give credit to Sleddog, it was his idea to organise a seond Gathering at HHB.

    As for alternative ride and dinner nights I think people should just post them up and see what responses they get.
  9. But night rides in winter = freezing and abit dangerous as for the road being slippery and such . maybe trying to go different places each time , as some people are from the gong and north sydney 1 time go the gong and next go to the north , hope this makes sense
  10. ksystems - I like your thinking! :cool:

    I'm still pretty new to Sydney so it would be good to get out around town a bit more... plus good to move it around so that every now and then people get it in their own neck of the woods :grin:

    HBB's not far for me but I can appreciate it's a bit of a trek for some. Now to figure out how this street directory thingamajig works - it would be so much easier if this was Perth :p
  11. OK...I've posted it up in the calender...the second monthly Gathering at the HBB will be every third Weds of the month starting in June.

    So thats Weds 21/6/06 for the first one.
  12. Now...other dinner nights...locations and rides....anyone who wants to orgainise one just get all the details sorted and post it up.

    I'm doing mid week shift at the mo, so cannot do any rides at night for a few weeks except on the weekends.
  13. I look forward to meeting a few of you at this coming 1st Tue in month at HBB. The only problem for me is that it will have to be an AFD and to add another one in a month - Lord only knows whether I could, but I know my liver would be keen as mustard as I rarely get more than two in a year.
  14. Im in for it. It's good to have 2 meetings every month.
  15. I'm in for most things. Work changes a lot(been watching the news lately?) so can't predict when I can be there. Should be available most times when the shit isn't hitting the fan.
  16. Added to Calendar by: Jaqhama

    All Netriders welcome to attend what will become a permanent mid-monthly meeting at the Homebush Bay Brewery.
    A second monthly meeting allows for people who are unable to attend the regular first Tues of the month Gatherings.
    So now there will be two...

    ... more

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  18. thnx jaq would come in handy
  19. I suppose this is also 7pm start.
  20. Great idea, Jaq, the first one clashes with another first Tuesday of the month committment and I always have a crisis of conscience as to which I should attend.