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[NSW] Hayy guise

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BrassoMan, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. I recently acquired a CBF250 and have had it for about a month now...
    Been lurking these forums for alot longer than that though ;D
    You should find me dwelling around the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

  2. Hey BrassoMan!

    I am another Northern Beaches resident, are you on your L plates at the moment?
    If your keen for a big group ride to get some practice in, why not come along to the 2 year anniversary ride for learners next saturday (the 23rd)?

    We do group rides after the L's session each week usually, so maybe have a read up on that in the NSW event forum.
    Also there is a few guys that do the national park in Terry Hills each weekend as well.

    Check them out anyways and we might see you on the rides :)

  3. Welcome mate
  4. Thanks for the welcomes!
    Yeah, I'm on my L's and quite keen on the learners ride but I'm quite crappy with directions and getting to places (especially in the city). If you're attending, would it be possible to follow you there? :p
  5. Sure can mate.
    If you know how to get to the Bunnings on Mona Vale Road in Belrose I can take you the rest of the way.
  6. Sounds good, what time should I meet you there?
  7. Just checking you know but this saturday there won't be a learners session at homebush as normal.
    We are going to ride from Dural to Terrigal, the start time is 9.20am from Dural which means you need to leave Belrose at 8.15am
    If your happy with that still then I will meet you up there before 8.15am on the side of the road.
  8. That sounds great, I should be able to come and looking forward to it. Even getting my bike serviced on Thursday :D
    If I'm experiencing problems and won't be able to make it, is there a number I can message you on?
  9. Hi BrassoMan,

    Welcome, I'm also on my L's and in Mosman. I try to head to Northen Beaches for a ride most weekends. PM me if your interested in meeting up.

  10. Welcome chum!
  11. Thanks for the extra welcomes :D

    @ tiggersarse
    I ride from Manly to Cremorne every day to go to school so I'll probably see you eventually if I havn't already seen you. I'm pretty crappy with directions so I don't usually do very long rides but I'm doing the 2 year anniversary ride on Saturday to Terrigal.
    I'm up for a meetup, just gimme a date :p