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NSW has a new law, no ifs or buts, Go straight to jail

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. New law made today in NSW called Skye's law.

    Means if you are in a vehicle and you run from the police, you will go to jail for 3 years no ifs no buts, do it again you go for 5 years.

    SKYE'S Law - named after a girl killed during police pursuit - making it a criminal offence to refuse to stop for police.

  2. source?
  3. So, it's yet to be passed as law.
    However, I reckon people should go to gaol for high speed pursuits. No questions asked.
  4. not correct, the sentence is UP TO 3 years, and UP TO 5 for repeat offence

    Police are calling for a mandatory sentence of 3 years, knowing full well that magistrates will never issue the full sentence....
  5. Not quite mate
    From the article:
  6. pfft. maximum was one year gaol, but no one had ever been sent to gaol for it. Sorry to be cynical, but how is increasing the maximum going to change that?

    What I do think is stupid is that no one has gone to gaol running from cops but that poor bastard in dubbo got 5 months when he DID stop.
  7. was listening to 2gb today and the talk was it will be mandatory as the judges are to soft
  8. And how is it going to stop guys who are running because they just held up a bank who are facing 5 years min anyway?
    Just hope it's enough to stop pimpley faced eccy heads in their rex's or commydores wrapping themselves around a tree or worse taking out others.
  9. Not a very good reference point mate as the shock jock wankers love to sensationalise.

  10. ray hadley was talking to the police commisioner and the words came from the commisioners mouth, saying the premier (god help us) will TRY and push it through..

    im guessing it will pass due to what happened to Skye may god rest her soul.
  11. Not a very good reference point mate as the shock jock wankers love to sensationalise.

    Nice smear for the highest-rating AM station in NSW.....
  12. Yes because most people are at work not listening to this drivel and the only ones left are the blue rinse set, who being sheeple just follow blindly as they have nothing better to do.
  13. i work for council, i had nothing better to do :D
  14. meh, they are nowhere near as sensationalist as the daily telegraph. I would say Jones, Hadley and co get their ratings from being sensible rather than controversial. That doesnt mean we can't disagree with what is said, I frequently do, but I wouldnt say its sensational.

    btw its no1 station in sydney regardless of band
  15. hornet i thought you'd listen to alan jones....lol

    anyway, scipione is a serious douchebag.
  16. doesnt matter if the police dont catch you ;)
  17. Were all the poles holding themselves up this morning aye?

  18. goz, did they say why they think this change might impact the road toll? If people break the current law then why will this change make them stop? I kinda doubt it would do anything. Is it just to try to get the idiots in society to think the polies etc are doing something?