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[NSW]harbour bridge qtrly stickers, now use e-tags instead..

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. I went down to my local RTA today to get the new qtrly periodic pass and they told me since the harbour bridge is going cashless to get an e-tag account and then pay for the qtrly pass which is linked into that.

    since i already had e-tag account no worries....they just do an exemption as usual....

    I only mention this because i have been seeing heaps of bike riders lining up for the manual toll boths...now you have an e-tag just fly through the bus lane if you get a qtrly pass or not, with e-tag...
  2. Where do you stick your e-tag? On top of your helmet? :LOL:
  3. I think the MCC had represented this case to the RTA but as per usual, a waste of time. Many of the riders were using the stickers as a way of avoiding having to use the e-tag, for all the normal reasons. Check out the MCC website to see what the issues are.
  4. Its a dead issue now since you don't need to carry the tag with you, it just takes the photo, reads the plate and links it to your account (just make sure you have your plate registered to your etag account).

    Even if they had etags that worked for bikes, I wouldn't carry it - there is no need.
  5. My plates are registered with my Etag account , but I still keep getting a bill in the mail for non-payment.
    Tag is mounted to the handlebars , and does register with the boom gate lane on the M4 (Sydney) , but when I use the drive through and don't stop lanes , guaranteed I will get a notice in the mail.
    Etag system is very poor from my experience.
  6. The weight of non-conformance seems to have swayed some of the toll road operators. The MCC waged a guerilla war by encouraging riders to deliberately not carry the tag so that the companies had to go through the process of issuing a notice. Initially, only 1 in 4 trips was getting a notice. Which co-incidentally equated, on average, to the toll that the MCC was saying bikes should pay - 1/4 of the car toll. I did this for a number of years and worked pretty well. But then with no warning, all the trips started coming out of my designated e-tag. So they had bitten the bullet and started doing it automatically without sending a notice. That was for the M4 and M5 at least. Not sure about the other operators.
  7. for the M5 just change lanes through the e tag lane from left to right, you are just avoiding those dangerous mergers that are on your left from the cash toll booths, and it isnt our fault that if in changing lanes you are momentarilly out of the lines the number plate cameras cover as they snap, if added safety means a toll free ride, life is peachy.
  8. You mean crossing those unbroken lines that are illegal to cross, at a point where there is a camera taking a picture of you......
  9. You dont have to cross the line, can be just right next to it preparing to change lanes away from where those dangerous cages flying up to speed from the cash booths inevitably merge straight towards the fast lanes, for those without a tag as it is not needed outside of the city, yes NSW government and there push to go cashless everywhere, people do visit from outside the city and are not happy to pay the toll plus the 10 or so dollar penalty of a so called administration fee for the priveledge. If there camera takes a photo, toll payed if not meh they are making enough grift off us anyway
  10. yeah i never carry the tag since they take a photo of my licence plate and do the match up via computer....

    I was amazed the eastern distributor charges $5 now for bikes and the cross city tunnel is something similar....what a fcking rip-off...
  11. the cross city tunnel and eastern distributor charge exorbitantly as the government clandestinely signed contracts with the operators to close narrow or block access to alternate routes, with hefty financial penalties imposed on the government if they fail to funnel people from your paid for with rego and taxes road into a private companies road
  12. Hi, first post and all that..

    I had a terrible experience at Warriewood RTA today, same thing as evelknievel75, only they didn't know that an exemption could be added to my etag account.

    evelknievel75: do I understand from your post that you are still getting the quarterly pass, just without the physical sticker, and that it goes against your etag account? Its an important distinction because a $90 quarterly pass is a lot cheaper than $4 per crossing if you use the bridge every day.

    Did they know how it worked at Manly? Is it still called the periodic moorcycle toll pass?