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[NSW] Hand Held Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Toefa, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Went for a quick trip up to the Mid North Coast this weekend and on the Newcastle freeway went past a cop with the speed gun in his hands, i was sitting around 130kmh.
    To issue the fine, do the police generally give chase in these situations or do these radar things have a camera?

  2. There are no hand held speed cameras.
    He may have taken your rego tho.
  3. It was propbably just a hand held Radar Gun, and they usually take a pic of your rego after they've checked you speed on the Radar gun. Then they'll post you the infringment notice. I'd give it a week or 2 before you receive you ticket.

    I've been told that sometimes they don't bother with bikes when other traffic is around, cos they have to turn around to take a pic of your rego.
    Normally with cars they zap you with the radar front on & then take a pic of your front number plate.

    So they're migt be a slim chance you get away with it.

    Fingers crossed mate. :wink:
  4. Yeah it was a radar gun... Couldnt remember the name of 'em.

    Have they got camera's built in to the radar? 'Coz he just pointed it at me, then dipped it to check the speed then raised it again for the cars behind me. Was in the cage too, so he coulda snapped me... ?
  5. Really? Sounds like a lot of work in a short period of time - so who takes the picture? I thought they just pulled you over or had a car up the road waiting :?
  6. Thats what i thought too... That was my ray of hope anyway
  7. I know in VIC they have the right to look at your numberplate as you go past and write it down, then post you a ticket. However there are legal challenges available to you so he may not have bothered (easier just to chase and catch the next fast car and issue the fine on the spot?).

    Legal challenges include (in Vic) they are supposed to make the radar/laser display of your speed available for you to look at, can they show which person was riding/driving etc. (In Vic, the law says the owner is assumed to be driving, unless the owner can show someone else was driving by making a statutory declaration).
  8. Last time I travelled from ACT to Sydney, there was 2 cops on the side of the road just near where the federal hwy meets the Hume. One coppa was holding a radar gun, and the other was operating what I thought to be a camera.
  9. They're called "poofters".
  10. from what i know in NSW they have to pull you over to issue a fine. there are some of those mobil speed cameras, which they have sitting on the dash, but ive only ever seen them on the north coast. nsw coppers arent allowed to operate speed detection devices outside their motor vehicle anyway, except bike coppers???

    i reckon you can count yourself friggen lucky mate, i got done on the hume at 130 in the cage about a month ago, that copper was on my arse bloody quickly after passing him.

    mate the F3 is pretty safe from coppers EXCEPT around the newcastle interchange and just north of the brooklyn bridge. ive heard point to point cameras have been installed to.