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NSW- Greenslips to go up again.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by typhoon, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. After seeing some tired old Blue Heeler telling me about a "slight increase" in green slip prices, I did some digging.
    It seems that CTP insurance is now to be available to people where no driver is found to be at fault, which is good. Children under 16, involved in ANY motor vehicle related accident will also be allowed to claim.
    I suspect this will be more than a "slight increase" I can easily see this being $70 or $80......
    Personally, I find it incredible that we should be paying for accidents through CTP for children that run out on teh road for example. I personally feel their own insurance or Medicare should be used for this.
    It basically means that if you are a tool and run over your own kid in the driveway, your greenslip (and you and I) will pick up the tab.
    I guess my biggest problem withthis is that greenslips are already ridisulously expensive, and have been so since teh government deregulated this part of the insurance industry...why do we, in NSW have to fork out this HUGE amount of money, when it is about half or less in other states?
    Here's a link;

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. Arrr. the wonder of deregulating an oligopoly.

    If the ACCC had any backbone, they'd investigate this, but we don't count and the new guy in charge has been told to sit down and shut up and don't investigate any political donors.
  3. Slight increase is $20.

    The change covers "at fault" drivers. Not the change you mention, which it already covers (where driver isn't found).

    So before if you put yourself in a wheelchair in a single vehicle motorcycle accident, or were found "at fault", you received no payout. Now you do.

    MCC looked into this one, and found what I described above.

    Personally, for $20 more, it's worth it.
  4. Tell a lie. This year still doesn't cover for at fault drivers, it's next year.
  5. It will be more then $20, especially for bikes. I can see it being closer to $200 more then they currently are within 6 months of its introduction.
    Plus some $2000 or so excess.

    The thing NRMA currently do dosnt cover motorcycles and is a bit of a joke if you read the T&C.

    The government needs to step in and start offering the cover themselves again like VIC TAC, which is half the price and twice the cover as we have here in NSW.
    The insurance companys can charge what they want and theres no competition since theres only a few actual underwriters.
  6. Not true at all. Look at what ACCC is doing to Telstra.
  7. damn inflation!
  8. Your NSW folks need to pressure your government to reintroduce something like your old GIO (Government Insurance Office) and run it along the same lines as Victoria's Transport Accident Comission. TAC cover is a no fault scheme, and covers all costs, rehab, funerals, lost income etc. related to motor vehicle crashes.
  9. Nope. See what the current premiums have been raised by. It's $20.
  10. It's what they are doing, which is why there is a raise in premium price. Being introduced in stages though.
  11. I would imagine that the NSW motorcyclists would really be impressed with the news that 4WD drivers won't be hit with dearer "green slips".....
  12. Oh i would be absolutely estatic about it!!

    Remember a lot of the motives for politicians is "what will make me look good in the next election/screw up the opposition if we think they are gonna win". It takes a lot of stones to try and do something that will benifit the people as a whole in the longterm, something i personally find distinctly absent in modern politicians.
  13. The "no increase for 4WDs" is ridiculous!

    Of course they will have fewer claims and smaller claims... that's because the 4WD does the damage to the car it hits. The car ends up with extensive damage and the 4WD (usally the bullbar strangely enough) is unmarked or only slightly damaged.

    I still firmly believe there should be a seperate class of license for people that drive 4WDs!
  14. I said 6 months. Govt wont have it before the election, definatly not, there would be a big stink.
    They scratch Governments back by not abusing the excuse for an increase and the Govt scratches theirs in return by not doing something about the absurd premiums (and keeps ACCC away).
    Once the elections all done they will start pushing them up as quick as possible, until people start going nuts.
    Then the Government will do something half assed to look good.
  15. That is, assuming the Iemma government gets returned

    If on the other hand the Libs manage to fall over the line, then all this is up for review, since the first thing they have pledged to do is to abolish the "corrupt" RTA and start again....
  16. NSW Libs :cry:
    Do they still exist? Havnt heard much from them since whatsit went bananas.
  17. I was under the impression that the Green Slip insurance is for injuries to "third parties" - ie; people other than the driver of the vehicle in question, who may be at fault. Which brings me to ask - if you're driving along, etc. have a prang, and you and your pax are hospitalised, due to wahtever reason - you hit a cow, hit another car, or plain run off the road, what cover does the driver have?

    In the case of motorcyclists who have single vehicle crashes, what cover do they have? Is it, as I'm led to understand, the driver or rider in these situations have nothing other than Medicare and whatever private health cover, and income prot. insurance to cover them?
  18. Yep, for NSW currently we have nothing but the public health system to patch you up.
    Any specialists you need to be fixed properly (eg good joint reconstruction) you have to pay yourself or have health insurance.

    I think for things like cows you can sue the farmer for letting them escape, but it would depend on what % was your fault, eg. appropriate speed and how much you want to spend of lawyers to win.
    Had a cow almost run me down once, I was stopped while it ran all over the road with farmer joe chasing it, then it came at me :shock: Anyway it didnt get me :LOL:

    The stupid thing is greenslip premiums are set on number of claims for injuries of driver/rider of your vehicle, and since they dont cover at fault that means you are paying to insure someone else for hitting you.

    eg. 4WD is at fault for hitting bike, does that effect 4WD statistics? Nope, its bike premiums that go up, for being NOT AT FAULT.
  19. 4WDs kill the people they hit so the insurence doesnt have to give a large pay out.

    in june bob debus [attorney general] removed the 'sullivan and gordon' [thats part o pay out for assisting with claiments children].

    bob very quickly realized that his choice was a huge mistake and so replacing the sullivan and gordon green slips had to rise.

    dick heads on the road who take risks [get rid o them]
    NRMA CEO took off with 3 million dollars [stop them from doing that]

    don't biatch about us cripples please, we're not the problem. [i know you realize i just dont want bob getting pushed to make a mistake. insurance companies and politicians pass their problems down to the victim rather than face the cause]

    i found the woman responsible for the add and told her that there are idiots out there [not u guys, u guys are top] who see cripples and the words 'greenslip rise' and blame us for the rise. she said ooohhh, and apoligised. next october when the at fault comes in she will produce a better add. im going to email her a script.