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[NSW] Greenslip prices adjusted for LAMS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Untill the greenslip mob adjust premiums for LAMS, Ill stick to under 300cc

    Would like a larger LAMS bike but the CTP is a killer for over 300cc

    under 300cc = $187 +
    over 300cc = up to $640

    at least a scale rate

    Im sure more 250cc crash than 400cc bikes. How do they work this out.
    At least give LAMS bikes with low power a break from paying such a high fee. And does the greenslip include the rider or only the person you hit into, because my car is over a tonne and only costs $328 for ctp, im sure itll do a lot more damage to someone than a lightweight 350cc

    anyone in the insurance industry or any comments?
  2. That'd start the ball rolling for CTP cost based on kw/tonne - that'd certainly make things interesting.. fair? Its saying that the more power you have the more likely you are to have an incident..

    But I certainly wouldn't mind! :LOL: With me on it, SV is only like 185kw/tonne :grin:
  3. Why on earth did they stop at 300cc

    Have you seen many 300cc bikes

    At least to 400cc would be ok

    some nice 400cc out there grey imports jap licencing and insurance cuts off at 400cc, thats why they have a lot of these on offer.
  4. third party insurance is aimed at the amount of damage you may cause to something/someone else, not the actual probability of there being an accident...as such.
    so, it is fair to say that a 200kg/600cc bike is going to cause more damage that a 140kg/299cc bike.
  5. Then there should be an option for 'fully sick lightweight 600cc motard that weighs 5kg'
  6. what if a 250cc bike eg honda cn250 160kg is heavier than say honda nx650 at 150kg

    or a 2 tonne Ford Falcon $328 AAMI and a 140kg yamaha rd350lc $640 AAMI
  7. Who knows how they do their sums.

    Full comprehensive for my motard was the same as for a lot of sports bikes. The only way you'd do more than a couple hundred dollars in damage to it is to have it run over by a truck. More than 30 crashes have cost me around $30. At an average price of $1 to repair per crash, it doesnt seem fair to have the same premiums as faired bikes. Oh that's right, life ain't fair. :(
  8. Ive got a new idea

    No greenslips for motorbikes in NSW

    Bicycles dont need any

    property Damage is not included in ctp

    and the at fault driver/rider is also not included

    so motorcyclists are getting a raw deal paying any amount of greenlip ctp insurance

    The car drivers who are hitting the bikes should be paying a higher premium to cover motorcyclists injury claims
  9. this is an interesting argument, also akin to I believe that I should pay no medicare levy because i'm slim, fit and don't smoke or drink, but all the fat smoking people out there should be paying a 10% levy instead. .
  10. Ya tosser as with all insurance where you live also plays a part.

    CTP for our 250's $125
    For the 600's $287

    Either deal with it or MOVE
  11. you wants to play the game, you gots to play by the rules. You can try to change the rules, but you can't do that mid-game.
  12. $280 for my NSR150SP :(
  13. Where the hell is MALWALA and doesnt anyone crash in hell, why so inexpensive?
    What insurance company?
    If you look at maa greenslips NSW it goes bikes up to 300cc and over.
    Im not making this up.
    The point of the topic is why cut off at 300cc (the old 250cc limit)
    and why not LAMS/no LAMS (the new LAMS law)
  14. Yep now you are being a complete tosser.

    1st off its MULWALA
    2nd read to the left & it tells you NSW
    3rd get a damn map & look

    Insurance company is QBE for all our bikes.
  15. did a ctp check with your details
    QBE $301 to $512 NRMA (over 300cc)

    and $125 QBE to $189 NRMA (under 300cc)

    now youre $323 more likely to hit and injure someone riding a 23hp 4stroke DR350 than riding a 62hp 2 stroke RGV250

    you are the tosser
  16. You're not considering
    - Other insurances they have with them
    - Bargaining over the price
    - When they got their contract (earlier might have been cheaper)
    - No claims for how many years

  17. The point being a Suzuki RGV250 62hp ($189) vs DR350 23hp ($512)

    Like I said LAMS vs non LAMS makes more sence right?

    or do you all like this current 300cc cut off point???
  18. Depends what its based on. It can either be based on the likelyhood of crash (and I'm sure they'd argue that the more power, the more likely a crash is), or the likely damage to others in a crash (ie weight).

    If it was based on power, eg under 150kw/tonne and over 150kw/tonne, that would cater for the LAMS vs. non LAMS - and since the more cc the more $ ctp costs, they've set the precedent saying more power = more likely to crash

    Or it could be based on weight.. which almost makes sense - but when you look at a 2 tonne car costing less than a 200kg bike.. theres no evidence saying they think weight is a factor to consider

    Conclusion: The people in charge of CTP are utterly useless
  19. just get a fcuken smaller bike if you are losing sleep over it.... :roll:
  20. I know I am a bit slow on this reply, but I recently had this discussion with my greenslip provider. Apparently, most of the greenslips now also include coverage for injuries to the driver (rider) as well as people in the other vehicle, and my insurance companys theory is that over 300cc on LAMS you are more likely to injure yourself therefore higher cost for the CTP.