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NSW Greenslip increase in the papers.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Hopefully you can all add your comments at the bottom of the Telegraph article....

    TWO wheels are the best way to get around Sydney. So why make it more difficult?

    An 85.5 per cent increase in third party insurance for 250cc machines, scooters and learner-approved machines is going to stall bike sales.
    Worse, there seems to be no research data available for the insurance companies to justify this rise.

    Meanwhile, NSW councils are continually trying to cut car numbers and encourage bike use to keep congestion down. Councils even provide riders with dedicated parking areas as a reward.
    But with the CTP now being on a par with small cars, what is the point?
    According to Motorcycle Council of NSW chairman Rob Colligan: "It's a complete joke".

    He said the main factor behind the jump in CTP costs was based on figures received from motorcycle crashes where, in most cases, no one was injured but the bike had to be towed away. By law the police have to be informed and, in turn, the rider is charged with negligence.

    More here and please add comments

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  3. Ridiculous isnt it.
  4. It's extremely frustrating that people who are riding 600-1000cc widow-makers pay less than what I am paying for my 250cc rice cooker.

    I pay less for the greenslip on my car ($150 less!) than I do for my bike!

    If I have a crash in my car surely I am liable to do a whole lot more damage than on my bike? Furthermore the damage done to the roads through wear and tear would be orders of magnitude higher in a 1500kg car than a 200kg bike.
  5. like i said on other posts, i feel for the 250 riders but im happy to pay less (600 class)
  6. Notice the cocksmokers have not posted the comments same as that accident here in vic.
  7. The previous two threads on the subject obviously were not good enough to add to....
  8. For my CBR250RR

    My rego last year = 350

    My rego this year = 630

    Almost a $300 rise on the green slip alone, cant help but feel a bit ripped off... especially since I've never been at fault in an accident.
  9. its a crock of shit! my ole 250 mule run about has been collecting dust for months now, look at bikesales.com, loads of used 250s for sale now.
  10. register it interstate
  11. so does this include NSW? if so then my lil 125 might have been a not so good purchase. I reel ripped off though. I would have thought that an MC accident would involve less injuries to other people and less damage to other vehicles/properties, MC should overall be cheaper than cars to fix/replace. Did I say I feel ripped off? well I FEEL RIPPED OFF!!!!!
  12. this will not improve safety. How many will get their P's sit it out for a year get their full licence and grab a 600 or 1000 and yeehaa. Cut out the thieving middle man and be more at risk of an accident.
  13. yeap its NSW

    go to

  14. Thanks Mav, All I can say is SHIIHTZU....stupid brainless gubbermunt.
  15. lol you said it :)

    Im from NSW, I ride a 250 and as I said in an earlier post almost $300 extra this year on the green slip alone. It's extortion IMO.

    Cant wait to vote out labor in March elections :) then its time to get in contact with liberal and ask them about reducing the costs of green slips for small bikes again. Barry O'farrell is looking at reducing the amount of revenue raising speed cameras in NSW and raising some speed limits to make things more uniform without compromising safety so I might give him a shout and see if he is willing to reverse the labor decision or at least point me/us in the right direction for getting it sorted.

    Although I'll be off my 250 soon I don't think its fair that people trying to save some $$ by purchasing a smaller bike should be penalised for the NSW Labor governments financial incompetence. ](*,)
  16. Mav, had a looked at mine again and it actually wasnt as bad as first expected, hopefully I answered all the questions correctly. I expected something in the vicinity of $600+ dollars but they must classify me as an old fart or something. Even increasing the demerit point to 14 and an at fault didnt change the price.

    APRILIA RS 125 = Cheapest for was was Allianz $94 and $178 (6 months and 12 months), most expensive was Zurich $118 and $226 (6 months and 12 months). I can live with these prices. I budgeted $500 to register this bike (not including any mechanical works).

    YAMAHA XVS650 = Cheapest for was was Allianz $193 and $373 (6 months and 12 months), most expensive was Zurich $244 and $473 (6 months and 12 months).

    A larger capacity bike with the same details increases the costs so I dont know where everyone is getting these higher costs for lower capacity bikes.
  17. the 125 will be in the lowest bracket (<225cc), which had the price reduced. 250cc pretty much doubled.
  18. Very unfair doubling it. Did they at least give any reason for this? Maybe theres a push for scooters or something.
  19. They claimed they made it cheaper for the majority of riders, but there are only two classes of bikes that the prices are cheaper for. The way I understand it, is that it was a real redistribution of the prices, and the gov didn't stand much to gain from it at all. maybe they were honestly trying to make it cheaper for the influx of scooter riders but NSW Labor and honesty aren't a very common combination. Whatever it was, it certainly made a lot of riders very angry, not that NSW labor has ever cared about making the voters angry.