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(NSW) Green P plates for bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TAX123, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Seen a guy riding on his bike with green P plates the other day, got me thinking so went to RTA web site and nothing about green P's for bikes.
    If cars have them, why don’t bikes? if a 16 year old gets his L's, then does his P's after the 3 months waits out the red P 12 months, he’s on fulls by the age of 18, if he did his car tests at the same time, he would have a full bike license with a provisional car license, how does that look, is it a provisional car license with an unrestricted bike license, or the other way round. anyway he can chug away on a busa with no restrictions, while he can also drive a Porsche on his car L's (no Lams for cars) that would be Lacs

  2. There is no green p plates for Bikes in NSW.

    So yes by 18 he could have his fulls on bike and his P's on car.

    But there is some restrictions now with cars for P plate Not sure exactly what they are i know they can not drive a turbo.
  3. Cars don't have the same training requirements of bikes, i also believe the testing for cars is way easier. When I got my car licence i had a total of 2.5 hours driving experience, which is less than the time spent on the bike at my Ls course. I know you need a log book now but really that just means you need a friend or relative willing to sign off to say you've done the hours whether you have or not.

    So i think it's justified that bikes shouldn't need green Ps as cars, although I think the better solution would be to bring the car requirements more inline with the bikes and make them do compulsory courses. It's way too easy to get a car licence.

  4. :LOL:
  5. STFU. Just STFU.

    The awesome ideas they come up with to "protect" us are bad enough, don't encourage them ffs.
  6. I hate to say it but there's talk of a Graduated Licencing Scheme for motorcycles - it' s been mentioned for Vic, NSW & Qld so far. There's been no mention of how it would work or what restrictions there would be so at this point I think they're just testing the waters.
  7. I'm on my full riders license and green Ps for car.
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  11. we've already got one. Unlike the yanks of course.

    Do they want to introduce more levels to it? 250-400-open or something?

    or LAMS, PAMS and AAMS?