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NSW government to make $8m for blood products?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. "RUBY Russell is the latest victim of a cash-strapped State Government that has plummeted to a new low by forcing private hospital patients to pay for blood.

    The Government's latest grab for cash runs the risk of jeopardising the entire donor system, already struggling with a lack of blood donors.

    And last night it emerged Premier Nathan Rees sacked senior bureaucrat John Pearse - the longest serving state treasurer secretary. And for the first time in Australia, the Rees Government will collect money from private hospitals instead of supplying the blood products free. The move which will net the Government $8 million annually."

    Am I getting this right? the government will make a patient pay a tax to recieve my blood donation? as a regular donor I am really shocked to hear something like this - that's if I am understanding what's being said here.

    My blood comes from my body, and I donate my blood and my time so that a sick person can benefit from it, without the expectation of getting anything back from them. I don't give blood so that someone can make money from it. What's going on? My status as a blood donor will be in jeapordy if that's really what's happening. Can someone clear this up for me?
  2. In a time when the NSW government should be encouraging the use of private hospitals to alleviate pressure on the public system... and this happens. :(

    Does anyone know how the Red Cross are funded for donations? This is pure speculation on my behalf, but a fair percentage of it must come from the taxpayer. Whether it's state or federal, I have no idea. Would anyone care to elaborate?
  3. Is this fair dinkum? Or is it another media beatup?

    If it is for real then this is another example of how the NSW government has lost the plot in epic proportion. Any person who is party to introducing a relatively small fiscal measure that will raise the ire of people who donate blood, is totally unfit for any form of public office. No sane person with any moral character would seriously consider it.
  4. This places a slightly different spin on the story......
  5. Of course the NSW government would never stoop so low as to lie, misrepresent the facts or just try to spin their way out of a crisis.

    Blood is donated for free, by eligible donors. This blood is required for use by patients who only require the blood for good reason. It doesn't matter whether the blood is used by patients in the private system or the public system, they would still need the blood.

    When the NSW minister says that the costs are incorporated into the budgets of NSW hospitals, he actually means that Australian (and NSW) taxpayers pay for the blood collection, checking and distribution. So any user of the blood, in probably the vast majority of cases have paid for the blood they will use in their federal and state taxes.

    Where the NSW minister might have a point is if the private hospital were to separately charge for the blood, as if they had paid for it. However, I strongly suspect this isn't the case.
  6. I just spoke to the private hospital association - they said it is just a revenue raising exercise, and not a cost covering exercise like the govt spokespeople say, because we already pay for blood services through our state and federal taxes, so this money is just a fundraiser for the NSW govt's pocket.
    As for the 'rort' regarding public hospitals paying - well they don't really. not other than their taxes. the spin that Mr Della Bosca is putting on it makes it sound like it's fair but it's not.

    Why should someone who pays their taxes, and a private health premium, then have to pay again for their blood, when they might have a condition that requires the use of blood products periodically... some people couldn't afford to pay for what they would need to stay alive.

    and of course, as a regular blood donor, if one day i needed a blood transfusion for any reason at all.... would i expect to pay a tax on that blood when someone donated it out of their own goodwill?

    This will cost donors in a system that already has too few donors. The government is shooting itself in the foot.
  7. But that's how politicians handle stuff like this. Don't respond to a question, don't debate the point at hand or discuss the merits of their case. Just attack. It's really good if you can use some emotive words. Things like 'Rort' and 'Scandal'.

    If the NSW government wanted to stop a rort, why don't they look a little closer to home. Start with their benefits, their cars, superannuation, taxpayer funded 'study' trips....

    I can't stand politicians. They are the most despicable members of our society. They tend to be people who can't actually do anything and who have made a career out of the totally artificial World of politics, be it the left or the right.
  8. Hey hey hey, you saying that the state government will make $8 million from this is such a load of tripe!

    I can't believe you would post such a bare-faced lie, as to think the government would actually profit from this!

    Everyone knows that money will be pissed away in mishandling and corruption, by these incompetent Labor f***s, anyway.
  9. I sort of feel like I'd like to stage a protest and stop giving blood because I refuse to allow the gov't to make money from the blood I give for free.

    But then I think how many people will die because they don't get the blood they need.

    It's a really tough call!
  10. As an ex UK resident, that's not a dilemma I have.

    Don't stop giving blood.