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NSW Government a Fair Go Please

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by ADC, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Yesterday I heard the federal minister of Sydney on the radio, name escapes me but what a plush seat, complaining about traffic in the heart of the city. She said that it can often take a bus 40 minutes to get from Central Railway to Circular Quay. For those of you who don't live in Sydney, that is a very long time to travel a short distance. Although I like the idea of the no car zone in London (toll only), people in Sydney would no doubt object. So it came to me. Why doesnt the government promote Scooters. Simple answer is, why would they when the revenue is so good. Scooter riders in NSW get no favours from our government. We pay the same registration costs as all bikes on the road (50cc to 1000cc), we get booked for parking on the footpath, we pay the same tolls as a Ford Falcon, we pay the same fee for parking stations and parking meter spots, even the bike only ones (Bondi Junction). So as New South Welshmen or women, we should be doing more to lobby our cause. Write a letter, send emails, make a call. Please, its time for a change.

  2. yep agree but slight correction, there is a registration cost break at 330cc
  3. The reason why they don't promote scooters/motorcycles is that most governments in oz with maybe the exception of NT are under paranoid delusions that road tolls (esp motorbikes) are at epidemic proportions, and that they must spend copious amounts of money to make sure that 300 people die this year instead of 315. So don't even DREAM that they would actually encourage what they see to be a dangerous method of transport (but fanging around on a racing bicycle in lycra shorts means you can have your own lane...)