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[NSW] Got done :( Parking ticket

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Eli-loca, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Yes, I got a parking ticket. That is all.

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  2. Worthy of a post . . .
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  3. Lmao! I'm a newby and I didn't even think many bikes got parking fines specially when there were lots of other bikes close to me that didn't get done :(
  4. Not that I would've liked to see those ugly yellow tickets everywhere around me....
  5. Is this a Sydney thing? I don't think we get them in Melbourne. What was the description of the offense?
  6. Oh yes indeedy you do and will so be careful. Some councils are worse than others...Randwick and Nortth Sydney...but even hospitals whether you are staff or god himself! :( I copped a $104 fine at Prince of Wales Hospital in the staff/god carpark...
    I dodged one at North Sydney non motorcycle spot by pulling a ummmm medical emergency and ID naughty but stuff it ... :woot:
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  7. Take it into the hospital with you
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  8. "Offence 82616. Park continuosly for longer than permitted" And yes, it seems that's how we roll in Sydney
    Mine is $106 and it happened in Surry Hills. Good on'ya Oldmaid!
  9. We do get them in Melbourne Endo CEndo C . My son got done in the city with 3 other bikes outside uni but the rest of the bikes didn't have tickets. He laughed that there was some magical line that has popped up since they'd been parking in that area for some time.
  10. Or see if you can get it registered as an emergency service vehicle
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  11. In the last 20 years I've got about 4 parking tickets in Melbourne. One for parking on a recreational area (fair enough), one for parking on a nature strip (couldn't tell, there was nothing natural growing there), two for parking on private property (couldn't tell) and one for obstructing pedestrian traffic (bullshit)
    In the same 20 years I would have paid $72,000 in parking charges for a car.
  12. Wow that sucks. I know that if there is a no standing sign you'll get a ticket but I thought if there is no sign its fair game as long as it doesn't obstruct pedestrians walking on the footpath. Does this rule still apply?
  13. You're correct, but most of these type of tickets are for parking on private property that just happens to look like public footpath. The Uni, like most large commercial developments, has areas accessible to pedestrians that are not strictly gazetted as footpath, and an agreement for council to provide enforcement via their parking officers.
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  14. Years ago I parked my little barbie coloured klr250 in a nice out-of-the-way spot on a 2nd story shopping centre car park. As I walked away, a big fat parking security bloke went up and started handling my bike.

    I asked what he was doing and he said he was going to throw it over the edge. I told him that I specifically parked it there as it was out of the way and that I really didn't need to take up a whole car space, and to look around - its probably the ideal spot to park a bike.

    Now fortunately for me this happened when it was legal to be a member of an outlaw riders club and at that moment a few Harley's roared into the same spot with the riders wearing their patches etc. I said I guess you are going to throw them over too - he just slouched and walked away.
  15. Saw a poor unfortunate motorbike out the front of Woden shopping centre (Canberra) a few weeks back with a lovely yellow envelope stuck on it!
  16. I received a parking fine in December last year for parking longer than permitted. It kind of ticked me off. Some pissy little car park in the Hawkesbury has a four hour parking limit and not enough parking spots with no restrictions. The parking inspector never used to come regularly until a pharmacy got put into the complex.
  17. I dodged a ticket in North Sydney as I was leaving work early, the parking inspector had written up 4 bikes and was starting to write up my bike, literally taking down my plate details.

    Me> err I just had to drop something off, I was just leaving.
    Her> ... just go
    Me> woooo :D
  18. On a similar but different note, about 10 years ago I accidentally parked in the staff parking part of Central Station one saturday night. A movie and a meal with friends later, came back to a $50 parking ticket.

    At first, outrage and frustration at having parked one too many parking spaces to the right.

    But soon, ambivalence, as I realised that the nearest parking towers were a 1-2km walk away and it would have cost something like $36 to park at those anyway. So, $14 convenience levy? :)

    (AFAIK the parking ticket fee has been substantially inflated in recent years, to prevent similar happy outcomes to the above)
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  19. North Sydney council should book the a-holes that park their pizza delivery scooters and take up the whole parking bay out the front of my building in Crows nest everyday. EVERY. DAY.

    Space for three bikes always filled with three pizza scooters.