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[NSW] got caught speeding will i lose demerit points?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by DangerFox, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. i have an ACT license and was just caught speeding a little bit in NSW... what happens if i don't pay the fine and will i lose the demerit points or am i immune?

  2. you will pay the fine and you will lose points off your act license.
    don't think you will get away with it.
  3. Not sure... you should be OK I think. But you should pay the fine as you rbike is registered in NSW?? SDRO can suspend your rego.
    Have you got your bike back mate??
  4. I think Tweet was saying that other states can't nip you for points. So you should be ok.

    Speeding in the mazda? :p
  5. Depends on the agreements in force between two states.
    Tweet mentioned NSW and QLD are not in synch.
    But there may be cooperation between NSW and ACT.
    You'd need to do some digging.
  6. +1

    I posted this info in another thread, but I'm too lazy to link to it or re-post all the info again.
    In a nutshell:
    NSW Road Transport (Driver Licensing) act 1998 allows for NSW authority (RTA) to advise another authority (you state of issue for your license) of any infringement occuring in NSW, and they must either wait until you have paid the TIN, or your last resort for appeal has been exhausted, or if unpaid until your last opportunity to have the matter dealt with by a court has expierd before they provide your state authority with infringement information for the purpose of allpying demerits.

    That said, either NSW don't report to QLD or QLD don't do anything with the information NSW provides, however I cannot guarantee that the ACT won't do anything with the info, if in fact NSW even pass it on, however the legislation exists for NSW to pass this on.

    Ben if you don't pay (I recall your GS being NSW registered) Browny is right, the SDRO will instruct the RTA to cancel your bike (and any other vehicle rego you have issued in NSW) rego and apply business sanctions whereby you cannot transact with the RTA for motor vehicle or driver licensing issues until you pay the fine and the sanctions are lifted.
  7. :( well thats no good.... and yes phizog speeding in the mazda.. was going up a hill and as i came over the top there they are :(

    on the topic of my bike i think i might be able to pick it up on saturday..... who wants to come for a ride to Gloucester?
  8. hhmmmmm if it wasn't for the thunderstorms.........what do you reckon TWEET??? :?:
  9. How were you going to get there to pick up bike?
  10. The answer is one post above yours sir....

    Matt let me know what you want to do....
  11. Any light you can shed on relationship with your mob & Mexican counterparts? beg.
  12. MG,
    I believe that the relationship between NSW and VIC is the same as NSW-QLD. Either NSW don't report to them or they do nothing with it.
  13. well im trying to get hold of the guy still but if its good for sat i propose a gloucester lunch and i'll shout whoever pillions me there?
  14. Ben, lunch won't get many takers unless someone is heading up that way...pay for their fuel both ways and you might get someone interested for the ride...
  15. Countrylink is your friend..........................

    Sydney (Central) To Gloucester Service 33
    Depart on Sat, 08 Dec 2007 07:15 Arrive on Sat, 08 Dec 2007 11:35
    Economy Class Seat Car Seats

    Passengers: 1 Adult

    Fare Details Fare: $ 38.30
    GST: $ 3.83
    Total Payable: AUD $ 42.13

    Fares quoted on this website are only valid when paid prior to joining the service. Passengers who join services without a booking will be charged the full peak or applicable concession fare.


    :p :p
  16. pillioner would have all expenses covered of course... thought it would be a nice ride head out from windsor and take the putty and do the same on the way back.
  17. Weather isn't looking all that good...

  18. i'll tag along if the weather is looking ok in the morning
  19. don't worry finally got hold of him and they're still waiting on the piston to show up.... :(