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[NSW] got busted speeding on L's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by keisha, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Got my baby back from the workshop and decided to go for a ride around this morning. I guess i got a little too excited as i was pulled over for speeding on parramatta rd :( . The policeman said he clocked me going 22km's over the speed limit but i think he felt sorry for me and only fined me for speeding under 15km's. I received a $79 fine and he said i would lose 3 demerit points, he didn't know how the new laws would effect me and told me to ring the RTA. The problem is the lady at the RTA didn't know what would happen to me either, she said if i were on my p's my licence would be suspended for 3months but there was nothing about L platers. She told me to just wait for a letter in the mail.
    My friend told me that i would probably have to redo my L's. :shock: Does anyone know what's going to happen to me :?:

  2. u ll get of scot free bar paying the fine.
    If u have a car license they will try to take points of that.
    If u have a P1 car license well that hasnt got a precedent yet????????
  3. serious :grin: ???
    that's gooooddd newwws!~!! thanks!
    I have a p2 car licence that hasn't had any points off yet. So does this mean i wont get suspended at all?
  4. Hah, speeding on Parramatta Road not the smartest move due to the road surface alone.
  5. yea i know.. i have a habit of making unwise moves in life. but I seriously found it freaky how he cop just came up behind me out of nowhere. I usually take note of the traffic around and behind me when i ride. he was sneaky...sneaky sneaky man.
  6. Ask Loz to sing you his 'Mr Sneaky Man' song some day :)
  7. Kiesha,
    I hope you can get away from loosing your license. Are you coming on Sunday for the northern group ride? I hope your little off has not put you off.
  8. northern run sounds like lots of fun but i think i'm going to give the big rides a miss until i regain my confidence and get more experience riding :p besides, i haven't got all my gear sorted out yet. I'll probably visit the mean fiddler next week though, so hopefully i'll see you and some of the other nr peeps there, i can show off the cute lil scab on my arm from the fall :grin:
  9. Ah Keisha, you're just having a run of bad luck at the moment. First an off, now this :oops: Hope all goes well and they will be lenient with you on your L's.

    Though rides such as this should boost ones experience in riding dramatically (thats what im hoping/aiming for), you just need to take it at your own pace next time and work up to the speed that others ride gradually.
  10. Let us know if you get suspended under the new laws as you could be the winner of our "Who is going to be first" contest :LOL:

  11. lol, no worries - i'll keep you all posted :grin:
  12. ^unless you're trying to get off the farken thing!
  13. True, especially when heading onto the M4 for that left hander :twisted:.
  14. Good Lord, driving on Parramatta Rd is hell enough, I can't imagine riding it.
  15. Dam $79 fine thats nothing. In Victoria we have to take out a bank loan to repay fines they are so large for speeding
  16. hey mate
    so what ended up happening?
  17. I dont know :?: .. I'm still waiting for a letter in the mail. I'm HOPING a magic fairy waved the whole thing away but the letter probably got lost in transit. The anticipation has been killing me. I've been making sure i check the letterbox everyday before my parents, in order to hide the evidence (I had previously promised i would never speed on the bike, to stop mum orders of "refunding" the bike and dad from demolishing it :p).
  18. how come you didn't get given a fine on the spot? late last year I got pulled over for running a red light (tired and wasn't thinking, 2am) must have taken 30min for him to get back to me and ask me why I didn't stop and that I only braked enough to cleanly take the racing line across 2 lanes to get around the corner lol anyway he said the fine would be in the mail and it has been 10mths and nothing. maybe he didn't bother with yours either?
  19. keep us updated man lol
  20. There was a thread some time a go on who was going to be the first L/P plater to get caught speeding under the new RTA rules.

    I guessed it would be a cbr250rr rider... funny that.

    I hope it turns out ok with you, and fingers crossed the letter never arives in the post.