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[NSW] Girls Only Ride to Dooralong, Sat Oct 6th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Sue

    Meet at McGraths Hill Maccas at 9:00am for a nice leisurely ride to Dooralong via Wisemans Ferry, Spencer, Mangrove Mountain, Kulnura, Yarramalong, Jilliby and to Dooralong Pub for lunch.

    Then back to the Mean Fiddler by 3pm for Coffee!

    All leve...

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  2. yayy girls ride.. anyone heading off from/near burwood area?
  3. Your a mean person!!! :p :LOL: .

    Us girls at coffee meet, were we socalise and plan things (hint, hint), were talking about the learner ride's being held or that had been held and some had expressed how they didn't really like the way they were ending up, and they felt alittle under pressure with some of the comments that were being said, so we came up with this idea of a girls ride only, so they can build there cofidence up, and get to know some ladies out there that ride.

    I will most likley cop a ear bashing over saying this but it has to be said this is just my own opinion, that some of you men are really intimidating when it comes to riding, it's like you forget that you were learning once, and just make everything a male ego event. And this puts alot of ladies off riding with you. I'm over that stage,but I have been riding for about 18 months, so it doesn't bother me that much :cool: :grin: You can say, but ride at your own pace, but it is hard when your thinking you are holding everyone else up.!

    So this is why we are only inviting ladies along for the ride, sorry guy's :p .

    But shoot me down if you must :shock:

    Cheers Lou

    Oh forgot to add I'll be there!!!
  4. :woot: Count me IN :dance:
    The calender is already marked in red.

    Only 20 sleeps to go :LOL: not that I'm looking forward to it or anything !!!
  5. Would love to come on this run. But the op wont be done in time to allow to join you girls. :grin:

    I have to agree with Chickbabe about how a ride can be taken over by the go fast lads. Sure they scream off ahead. But how hard is not to want to follow them and maybe push yourself too hard? Peer pressure doesn’t have to be verbal. Examples can also influence Peer Pressure.

    I think if you are going on a L'er/New Rider run and you are not a L'er go with the intention of buddying a L'er/New Rider. Follow them and at stops give them some points of their lines or their braking distances etc etc etc.We were all once on our L's.
  6. Isn't "girls only" sexist these days??? :p
  7. well said Lou , and i dont give a flyin F#%ak what any one thinks good on you girls get out there and enjoy riding at your own pace .After all thats what its all about having fun .
  8. +1 for Lou.. Have fun girls and see you all safely at the fiddler.
  9. im happy to team up with a newbie.. is that ever going to happen???
  10. I don't see how men can appear intimidating if you are riding to your ability and looking after #1 (yourself) If you feel intimidated perhaps you feel uneasy as you might be falling victim of 'peer pressure'. I have been on rides where the lead pack takes off at + $2.00 however I carry on on my bike and enjoy myself atmy pace, no intimidation felt or intended i'm sure. If i'm going slow on my little 2fiddy F**K U,go around (which happens ALLLLL the time).
    Deal with it like the rest of us :p
    Why does it have to come down to the old boys vs girls scenario???
    Is it an easy cop out to shrug and go ' bloody men!!'??? :?:
    Once you put your lid on you're a rider like all the rest of us
    We're all riders with our own limits etc,etc.
    Deal With It!! :p

    my 2 cents :LOL:

    One more thing, it appears you quoted TWEET and it also appears that his post has been deleted??? Anyone know why???


    my 2 cents
  11. Well the way I see it browny, we actually organised this at coffee, as there are regularly 4 of us girls there and we could have just gone for a ride all by ourselves, however, being the nice people we are, :grin: we thought we'd open it up to other ladies too. It is intimidating riding with men when you are first starting, particularly in a large group. The learner rides are getting so huge and with so many young fellas you can find yourself being pushed out of your comfort zone.

    There are so many rides on now anyway, why do you guys have to come with us anyway? Plan your own ride! :LOL:
  12. True Suzy, there are a fair few rides going on, and honestly I don't have a problem with you girls getting together and going for a bash.
    To me it's the principle, in the sense that if a bloke posted a ride up and said guys only, no girls allowed as we want to go hard and fast!! Can you imagine the posts??? sexist, chauvinist etc,etc,etc. Maybe you wouldn't but I bet a lot of girls would and a lot of guests would read it and think it.
    Thats all,
    Anyways have a good ride and maybe I'll cya you all on the learners ride on the 23rd as well?? It's a non discriminatory ride so we can both go :p :p :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I understand all the reasoning, although you are assuming that all girls ride slow.
    This is a massive misconception .. what if you had a bunch of girls who do a lot of track days zipping off into the distance, would you find this intimidating as well?

    Oh & seeing as this is a girls only ride, are you going along Dan? :LOL: :p
  14. i am with my mrs on the back, cos you know the bird is so better at two up work,, and long hual work,,, and better fuel consumption than the SV 1000 and better looking,,, better..... ah you get my drift surely by now :cool:
  15. What you like the speckled look of the bird after being on the recieving end of a sh*tload of gravel :?: :p
  16. adds character my friend browny... unlike some my bike is ridden not hidden. :cool:
  17. Mate, anytime you want the gpx lined up with the bird for a photo shoot let me know, i'll even give it a polish :p :cool:
  18. I've pulled a few feathers I think, but oh well that is life!

    And I had nothing to do with Tweet's post being deleted :)

    Good to see you guys are doing your own things now :LOL: .

    Come on girls sign up, say your coming, we are going at a easy pace. :)
    Cheers Lou

  19. OUCH!! :cheeky:
  20. sure browny... any pic with your bike is better than a pic with your head in it :LOL: :cool: