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NSW- Getting someone to look at a bike for me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hicksey11, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Hello Netriders.

    Unfortunately I crashed my bike at the snowy ride this year and it was a write off. Now is the time to get back on the horse and get a new bike. I have found one, but it is in Sydney (well Penrith) and I live 4.5hours away. I was wondering if someone on the forum from out that way (or not too far away) would be able to have a look at the bike for me in the next couple of days. Just check it out and see that it is all good and proper. Check the paperwork for servicing etc.

    If anyone would be willing to do this please contact me on here. I am very grateful if someone can do this for me. I am willing to throw some money your way if you do it.

    Thanks in Advance. Xavier

  2. I would volunteer, but I'm no mechanical expert. Unless it's glaringly broken, I can't guarantee an issue will be spotted.
  3. Thanks for replying mate. I would like someone with a bit of mechanical knowledge if possible, but if I can't get anyone else, I'll give you a holla.

    Cheers, Xave
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    Where is it? I have bought a few but I am not a licensed mechanic. I have loooked at a bike for another guy before.

    Maybe pm me.

    Edit just saw it was in penrith.
  5. Looks like you have help from Vertical C but otherwise I'd suggest -

    1) google/yellowpages using keywords like "motorcycle mechanic penrith" etc..
    2) get in touch with the mechanic and request a pre-purchase assessment and agree on a price.
    3) Tell the advertiser that you have booked an appointment for his motorbike (paid by you) to a mechanic within his suburb.

    Now at this point if you get an answer close to - "No worries mate" then that's a good start!
    but also the chances are that the person may say - "sorry I am too busy to do this for a 4k-5k purchase..." - So now you already know that either -
    a) there is something wrong with the bike and the vendor is hesitant of a mechanic check or
    b) the seller is simply not flexible due to his/her own commitments and you will have a tough time organising the purchase since you are not local.. and in either case you probably want to look elsewhere.

    hope this helps and all the best with the purchase.