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[NSW] Gastronoriders Sun 23rd - Ride + Dinner

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by PhilC, May 18, 2010.

  1. Ride to the Northern Beaches on Sunday (May 23rd) afternoon / evening, followed by some top notch Indian food for dinner.

    If you're interested in this ride or others like it (shorter casual ride & a sit down meal to shoot the breeze with fellow riders), request to join the Sydney Gastronoriders group on facebook (link) for more details.

    Numbers will be kept to around 6 but we have only 3 confirmed so far so there's space for more.

  2. :D Can't wait!
  3. 4 of us now, still room for a couple more :)
  4. Sent a facebook request to join :)
  5. Big thanks to those that turned up; despite the hanging clouds and the cold the weather left us alone for the most part.

    A great ride and an awesome meal with good company :)

    Talk eventually moved on to where / when next. It will happen, so if you're keen for a more social ride / chat / meal - feel free to join the Facebook group and be in on the next one.
  6. Thanks Phil! Was a great ride and it was wicked meeting you all :D

    BEST Indian I've had (but in saying that... I've not gone to too many Indian restaurants... even so, I think it'd be up there FOR SURE in Aust.)