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[NSW] Friday 5th May Ride To Wollombi

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Toecutter, May 3, 2006.

  1. OK - it's on.

    Apologies for the lack of notice, but I have posted in the Calendar a ride for this Friday 5th May - but don't know when it will be approved/posted.

    Leaving Berowra Mobil at 11.00am to Wollomobi Tavern for lunch.

  2. Yippee, a friend to ride with. cya Fri 11 at Berowra Mobil.
    Two's company but three's more fun.
  3. YAY !!!

    VTR250's unite !!

    . . . anymore VTR250's ????
  4. Just got back and duncanp & I had a fantastic ride.

    Perfect weather and deserted roads which meant some fun times. Arguably the best 100kms of road close to Sydney :grin:

    Hamburgers were delicious in the idyllic spot.

    200kms from Berowra return with Peats Ridge close enough to half way for a rest if required.

    Great to meet another Netrider and great to have our own little piece of the Forum :cool:
  5. Would of loved to come along today ,but we promised infinity a L's ride ,we, dante ,infinity and I ,meet at mobil at 12 done the old road ,was a great day ,the best weather i have ridden in.
    Infinity done really really well on the old road ,she's abit of a racer ,i had trouble keeping up .
  6. My first ride with a buddy and what an intro it was. We just about had the road to ourselves although there were maybe twenty bikes at Wollombi.
    Toe Cutter showed the way and took a line way deeper into the corners than I thought was required so I immediately changed my line accordingly. It was a great learning curve (sorry).

    I lost 7 litres of fuel half way back when the nut that joins the pipe from the bottom of the fuel tank to the normal/reserve/off fuel supply tap came loose. The bike went putt, putt, putt and I had to pull over. I then saw fuel pouring from the selector tap. My thoughts were to get the heck out of there.

    When Toe Cutter lost me from his rear vision, he chucked a Uie and thought the worst when he saw me standing looking at my bike from the other side of the road.

    Quick as a flash he assessed the situation and got out some pliers and tweaked the 30mm nut saying that the petrol needed a spark. When we pulled into a gas station just up the road I was able to fill the 13 litre tank with 13.03 litres.

    So many thanks to Toe Cutter for my first ride and my first rescue!!!
  7. Mate of mine thought that after he lost control of his car and slid down an embankment. When he stopped, all he could hear was fluid gurgling somewhere and his immediate thoughts were of a Hollywood style explosion. He threw himself out through the window and ran for all he was worth. Got 100m away across a creek and then stopped. Stood there for 5 minutes waiting for his car to blow up before he felt safe enough to approach it. Was laughing all the way back to the car.
  8. Well told duncanp and all part of the adventure. We were also unable to start the bike, must have been all that air getting into the fuel line. So pulled the choke on and about the third go she spluttered to life.

    We had done 140kms by the time we got to Kulnura to fill up Duncan's bike so a heap of fuel had dropped out for him to put in 13 litres :shock: