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(NSW) free parking spots near Burwood station?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by norm79, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Will stay at Burwood (NSW) for a day tomorrow. Wondering if there is any parking spots for motorbike near the station areas. Also is the area safe? Thanks.

  2. Re: Any one knows about free parking spots near Burwood stat

    And what kind of bike do you have ????
  3. Not really, unless you want to do some walking. You could leave it at westfield, just make sure you go to the level near woolies, the boom gate there is easy to go around on the way out.

    As for safe, i was ok with my bike, but I don't leave it there for more than an hour or 2 at a time.
  4. westfield or burwood plaza, depending on where your going.
    Safe bet: park on burwood rd, very busy, and would be hard to pinch.
    Worst case: there is a court/police station down on the southern end of burwood, just gotta look out for the no parking/timed signs...
  5. a few hundred metres away is Burwood RSL, if nobody is watching the carpark you can park in there no probs. Do it all the time :)
  6. Like yours, she is a two year old VTR250. I heard some bad stories about cars parking over there but not about the bikes.

    This sounds to be the way to go. Thanks.
  7. burwoods pretty safe, drivers round are hopless though :roll:
  8. i think twice before parking at burwood, any car/bike whatever

    used to work in the westfield and heard some horror stories

    probly the same as any westfield... find a good post and chain it up
  9. Park with confidence & wherever you like!

    Your bike will get stolen looong before the grey ghosts have a chance to put a parking ticket on it.
  10. i used to park my Hyosung GT650R and my Yamaha FZ-1s on the streets of burwood everyday with no problems ever

  11. haha best thing about hyos is no one will steal it lol