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[NSW] Free parking in Parramatta

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mav, May 25, 2011.

  1. http://www.parracity.nsw.gov.au/live/my_home/parking__and__transport/parking

    Anyone know of any other street parking in Parra next to the Riverside Theatre (church street bridge) that isn't metered / charged?

    Asking because I get charged to park at work and the boss just walked in and said that I have to move my bike from the side of the building as he won't allow me to park there any more...****in prick.

  2. I remember reading that Parramatta was trialing the "You dont need to pay but you need to obey the time limit" like they do in the city.

    Though I cant find reference on their site, so don't believe me.

    Does anyone remember this?
  3. I usually park at Macdonalds but then again, i'm not there all day just for a coffee. How about up near the School or KFC?
  4. don't know about those two but I'm pretty sure they'd be metered. I'll check it out this arvo.

    Also there is
    right near there so i'll check that out as well
  5. That was a 3 month trial last year, guess they didn't like it to keep it going
  6. Park under the Sebel.
    Walk through the lobby, take note of what conferences are being held.
    At the end of the day, go to Reception and tell them you with the Nutrimetics conference ( or whatever ) and they'll endorse your ticket.
    1. It's free !
    2. It's undercover
    3. It's ( pretty ) secure
    4. Free coffee and bikkies on the way through the lobby
    Cons :
    1. You might only get away with it once or twice.
  7. A wig and a skirt can do wonders ;)......................I havent tried this myself but Mav should do it if he gets too desperate lol. This might even work on his prick boss as well.