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NSW - FREE Motorcycle parking trial in Parramatta

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Media release from Motorcycle Network

    Motorcyclists in Parramatta CBD no longer need to feed their meters when parking in on-street car bays in a 3 month trial.

    Parramatta Council is trialing the hugely successful motorcycle parking policy that City of Sydney council implemented last year, under which bikes can park for free in on-street bays as long as riders abide by time restrictions.

    Councils and transport experts now realise that motorcycles and scooters present a solution to traffic congestion and are working to make things easier for two-wheeled commuters.

    Motorcyclists in the Parramatta local government area no longer need to purchase or display a ticket in a metered bay as council recognizes that it is virtually impossible for a motorcyclist to do so effectively.
    Tickets left on bikes often get stolen by car drivers or simply blow away in the wind.

    The 3 month trial will be presented to council on 23rd of August and if successfully ratified, will become permanent policy after that date.

    Both City of Sydney and Parramatta Councils are investigating unused spaces around the city; spots that are too small or too awkward for cars, and turning them into motorcycle parking hubs.

    Jacqui Kennedy, Director of the Motorcycle Network, has congratulated Parramatta Council on its sensible approach and hopes that other councils will soon follow suit.

    The Motorcycle Network website www.mcnetwork.com.au has undertaken to map all the motorcycle parking spaces in all major cities across Australia and has also released the information as an iPhone App.

    Riders can now find a parking spot quickly and easily using the iPhone app and website and an army of two wheel volunteers are notifying the Network of new spots as they are installed. Suggestions are flooding in to the website about “dead” spaces which councils can convert to motorcycle parking.

    Scooters are rapidly becoming the “green” solution for cities suffering from traffic congestion and pollution. The use of sustainable modes of transport bodes well for the future of councils such as Parramatta and City of Sydney.
  2. congratulations Parramatta council. Now if only the state government would have the Epiphany about the role motorcycles could play in solving congestion and environmental problems.

  3. *sigh* if only...
  4. The state government is the least useful tier of government. Divvy up their responsibilities between Federal and Local Govt and disband the bastards.
  5. Why not, the insurance companies did, hence the new CTP brackets in NSW. Doesn't take a statistician to work out the end result will be a major windfall for them.
  6. Is parking free in parramatta and other ticket areas? I'm going to be working on a construction site in parramatta soon, can I park without paying or must I go to one of the car parks nearby ?

  7. The current federal govt is giving them a run for their money in that area.
  8. I'd be leaving it at one of those spots if I were you. I think someone copped a fine from parra council a couple of months ago on here.
  9. About damn time too.....................................btw damn these iPhone brigades, dont they realise that not everyone uses iPhones?
  10. Check the date of the post and how long the trial is
  11. This trial didnt go ahead.
  12. Thought it was too good to be true :( Found some free parking around the corner from my work anyway !
  13. bunch of monkeys.................ive always had trouble with Parra Council.