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[NSW] For Sale 1999 R1

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Takamii, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. [NSW] SOLD SOLD SOLD For Sale 1999 R1


    Okay I am selling my R1 to help finance business into expansion

    here is the list - not comprehensive but close enough

    1999 R1 Red/White/Black 17,000kms

    Ohlims steering dampner
    Pilot power 2 soft compound tyres barely run in
    chain and sprockets 3000kms old
    Single seat cowl
    Original rear seat
    Akropovic exhaust
    Carbon fiber tank protector
    Carbon fiber exhaust hanger
    Normal + black windscreen
    Stainless steel brake lines
    Re-jetted carbies
    Full service history
    original purchase papers
    Service manual
    2x original keys
    Bike cover
    Front and rear anderson stands

    Following items not fitted still new in packaging

    Spare set NGK irridium plugs
    Spare set front brake pads
    timing advancer

    And a box of other stuff

    This bike has NEVER had a pillion passenger

    Located in Canberra area but has NSW Rego till end of July

    PM me if interested


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  2. seeing as you appear to be giving it away, I'll have it.
  3. bugger, i need a bike and you seem to have got in before me! :(

    just so you know OP, have to post a price up with it :)
  4. Some more pictures

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  5. is your bike still up for sale?
  6. Yes it is -- when it sells I will put SOLD in the top of the post so people know it has been sold

    P.S -- I do not accept payment by paypal :)
  7. Bullshit! You're gonna buy a new one!
  8. I am honestly selling to invest the money into business expansion
  9. Just jokin bud.
  10. You made me cry with your nastiness :)
  11. geezus 333 views and only one inquiry -- don't hold your breath for a price drop !
  12. Great machines. Good luck with the sale.
  13. Thank you Mike -- someone told me on the forum this model is called the widow maker due to the short wheel base
  14. Ah yes, they are very pron to bad head shake if they don't have a steering damper fitted. Lucky your bike does. Also, compared to EFI bikes the power comes on a lot more violently, very choppy down low but the kick they give when they get moving is awesome. Almost two stroke like.

    Very aggressive bikes that are great fun to ride. I've thought about selling mine and 'upgrading' to a new one. But the old R1's are just so much fun. Bang for buck they are a great buy!
  15. Agreed on all points Mike - alas to expand business I need $$$ and rather than borrow and just work for the banks I prefer to sell an asset and use my own funds for business.
  16. That they are!

    Don't hold your breath for a sale ;)
  17. Nice looking bike!
  18. Oh yeah completely forgot

    As a bonus buyer gets 1 pair black and 1 pair blue of my kevlar jeans in their size
  19. bike has been sold
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